Self Healing Progress

self healing progress samantha marshallSelf Healing Progress!  A higher consciousness has lifted my spirit. I feel really good as transformation moves forward everyday. I am blessed to be in this moment!

I am finally into my program in full swing! I am on my third day with the program and I am definitely eliminating! It feels amazing to have this deeper understanding of this body and knowing about my constitutional weaknesses and strengths combined with the wisdom of the Elements of Life has offered new perspectives on my life experience.

I have done a full round with the Castor Oil Packs. I had previously been constipated after a cold and that helped enormously. I also noticed an immediate positive change in my emotions once elimination started.

I am taking the diet step at a time with the Alkaline and Mono Diets, veggie soups and lots of greens. I have completely eliminated meat, processed foods and most dairy. I sometimes struggle balancing the program with my work schedule as it is all a lot to take in and organize.  I plan to to refocus and dive deeper after the holidays.

Next is a long and much needed therapeutic bath and some other of your recommendations. I also want to do the Ginger Poultice and start back on the Castor Oil pack.

I thoroughly appreciate the story of your life that you shared in your book Herbs of Grace. I found many insights on how to deal with specific and similar situations .

I want to thank you for this opportunity and I cant even express how much I appreciate your guidance and wisdom in this phase of my life.” Samantha Marshall, Naturopathy student, Leadville, Colorado

Samantha attended Healing Diets, Flower Essences and Essential Oils classes in the autumn and is progressing with the Naturopathy Online Course and the Self Healing Module.