Graduates of the School of Natural Medicine International


Graduates Ravi Ponniah SNM Iridologist awarded Ford Foundation Grant

Graduates Ravi Ponniah SNM Iridologist awarded Iridology Grant by Ford Foundation

Graduates practice worldwide as teachers & practitioners & create businesses & product companies,

Graduates write books, found schools, work in spas, hospitals & offer creative consulting in the  corporate world.

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“It is my joy to support each student’s awakening of health, healing and the creation of an authentic life.
Mutual commitment honors laughter, tears, and profound sharing as each student gains confidence, wisdom and compassion.
Professional training is balanced by Self Healing and the embodiment of the teachings in the student’s life.
Whether you wish to ‘Become Independently Healthy’, serve your family and friends, or create work that you love,
School of Natural Medicine supports your emergence with personal mentoring and a caring network of students and graduates.”  Farida Sharan

Graduates of School of Natural Medicine since 1977 have  succeeded in every field associated with Natural Medicine and healthy living lifestyles.


BETTY SUE O’BRIAN – USA – President of International Iridology Practitioner’s Association
Betty Sue O’Brien, from the New Orleans area, was elected President of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association in 2013. A former University Dean, Betty Sue graduated as a Naturopath, Master Iridologist & Master Herbalist in 2000. She attended classes & clinical training, completed all Online Courses with research, assignments & case studies.Betty Sue joined the school Naturopathy purification and regeneration retreat with a group of fellow students at the Wigmore Institute in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Betty Sue was an ideal student who has gone far in just a few years as a creative innovator in her field. Head of a university department, she was an academic as well as a dedicated Self Healing practitioner, committed to living the path. As she progressed toward academic retirement, she built a practice, lectured, went on the radio, attended further trainings & conferences. She co-authored a book on Iridology & added “GOING GREEN – the Smoothie Way!” to her list of books.

SHANTI – NEW ZEALAND – Founder of the Golden Bay Alternative Healing Fair and Divine Herbals
graduatesShanti graduated from the School of Natural Medicine Naturopathy program in 2003 & moved to New Zealand where, over the years, she has built a quality herbal company, Divine Herbals. In 2012 she sold the herbal company and embarked on a creative mission to bring the community of healers in Golden Bay, South Island. New Zealand to a new level of community.

After hosting the first Golden Bay Alternative Healing Fair and brainstorming with the community, Shanti decided that the best idea for all would be to spearhead and create an Oasis of Healing Holidays on South Island, co-creating programs with local healers with all participating with individual clients. Wonderful idea! As Shanti is already uniquely respected at fairs and festivals in New Zealand, due to her work with Iridology and Natural Healing, she decided to bring quality colonics to the healing community in Golden Bay, as those seeking colonics have to travel a far distance. In support of this vision, Shanti returned to Boulder, Colorado to study colonics, with School of Natural Medicine teacher, Madeline Angelis and her partner James in their colonic practice and school in Boulder.



NOELLA ROSELENA – USA – Creator of Synergy Essences
Noella Roselena was a delightful creative and heart song presence in the School of Natural Medicine Flower Essence and Essential oils trainings in 2006. She attended the advanced SNM Naturopathy Purification Regeneration Retreat led by Farida Sharan at the Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. During her time at SNM, she grounded her amazing sensitivity to plants and flowers into creating her Synergy Essences company. Noella grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California, and is blessed with many siblings and a family tree with many branches. Her papa, Leo Baldonado, inspired her connection with nature at a young age through camping, hiking and swimming in the mountains. Her mama, Ellen Jasmer, CNM, influenced and inspired Noella by using natural medicine in her midwifery practice and everyday life.

Noella had her first powerful experience with flower essences as a teenager. Years later she re-discovered essences, and their subtle yet powerful healing ways, from Patricia Gleason, of Patricia’s Transitions, in Hilo, Hawaii. Patricia mentored Noella, encouraging her to make essences and Noella began listening to the Nature Spirits guiding her to make the essences that are now called Synergy Essences.

In 2006 Noella moved to Boulder, Colorado and studied in the School of Natural Medicine Naturopathy program and became certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner and Essential Oil Therapist. She also worked with one of the SNM herbal teachers, Marco Lam, developing Earthstar Farm Flower Essences. Noella writes songs, sings, plays the guitar and other instruments, under the name of “Shaela Noella” that encompasses the sound of the ocean water meeting the sandy earth, a name given to her by the spirit of Hawaii. Noella often brought her guitar to classes and everyone enjoyed her beautiful voice and original lyrics. Noella recently returned to the West Coast of California and plans Synergy Essence workshops and musical performance tours.

Well done Noella for diving so deeply into self healing personal evolution and manifesting the creativity of your divine purpose! You will always represent the sincere effort, gift and achievement of a truly loving and passionate student and master of her own life potential.


Kolbrun SNM Iridologist Herbalist Apotek Reykjavik Iceland


Graduates Kolbrun Apotek Reykjavik Iceland

KOLBRUN GRASALAEKNIR – ICELAND – Owner/Creator of Kolbrun Jurta Apotek in Reykjavik

Kolbrun Grasalaeknir’s Jurta Apotek (Herbal Apothecary) stands strong at the corner of the two main shopping high streets in Reykjavik. Kolbrun was in my first training beginning in 1997 in Reykjavik and graduated in the School of Natural Medicine Master Iridologist & Natural Medicine diploma program, along with eleven other students. Her employee apprentices were students in School of Natural Medicine trainings in the HealthMaster school before it closed due to the collapse of banks in Iceland.

Kolbrun also has a separate herbal workshop that receives the Icelandic wildcrafted herbs like Birch, Angelica, Horsetail and also pallets of herbals ordered from America to supply her ever increasing orders from health food stores like Yggrasil and HealthHusth inIceland. The Icelandic Flower Essences created by another SNM Icelandic graduate, Kristbjorg Kristmundsdottir, are on display as well as Essential Oils.


Kolbrun’s Apotek is pristine and well organized with tinctures, herbal teas, and other health products. Kolbrun has a consulting room and sees clients daily, using her Iridology as a part of every consultation. She is dedicated to working with clients who make the effort to change their diet and life habits and also is becoming a yoga teacher. Kolbrun is seeking and teaching Icelanders to harvest wildcrafted herbs to meet the ever-increasing interest in creating health and wellness.

A beautiful new book, well illustrated, with information on the digestive system, herbs, and diet is Kolbrun’s latest project. Her vision for the future is to expand on the high street, Laugavethur, to include a space for classes and yoga, and have the herbal workshop at the same location as the dispensary, pharmacy and consulting rooms.


KRISTBJORG KRISTMUNDSDOTTIR – ICELAND – Creator of Icelandic Nature Essences
graduatesKristbjorg graduated in the School of Natural Medicine Iridology & Natural Medicine Training in Reykjavik in 2000. At the time she was the co-creator of Mother Nature Organic gardens in Egiilsstathir in East Iceland, a devoted wife and mother, and a renowned yoga teacher who offers trainings in Iceland as well as retreats in India.

Kristbjorg created the most profoundly beautiful line of flower and nature essences, the Icelandic Nature Essences, featured in the Reykjavik airport, Wholefoods in the USA, and in Kolbrun’s Apotek in Reykjavik. Farida brought Kristbjorg to Boulder to assist with teaching the Flower Essence Practitioner training in 2001 and visits with Kristbjorg during trips to Iceland.

HAKIM M SALIM KHAN – UK – President of Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International
graduatesThe distinguished Hakim Salim Khan, a School of Natural Medicine graduate, is the new president of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists (GNI) in the United Kingdom. With SNM graduate, Betty Sue O’Brian, president of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) in the USA, our graduates feature in prominent positions.

Hakim M Salim Khan, M.D.(M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. D.O. – Consultant Herbal Physician and Iridologist, Hakim M. Salim Khan, established the Mohsin Clinic in Leicester, UK in 1978. Over 35 years, he has successfully treated many thousands of patients from different walks of life and communities. Some of the unique formulations developed at Mohsin Clinic are available through Mohsin Health Products.

Hakim Salim’s first teachers of Tibb-e-Akbar natural medicine were Shabeer Hussain Saahib, Moulana Nisaar Ahmed and Hakim Nabi Khan Saahib in Afghanistan. Later, he trained in Herbal Medicine and Osteopathy in the UK, and studied Iridology and Nutrition at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan and other Iridology teachers featured at SNM conferences, such as Bernard Jensen, Willy Hauser and Dorothy Hall.

Salim is the author of ‘An Introduction to Islamic Medicine,’ a systematic study of Islamic Medicine as a living tradition, and is a popular speaker on health and natural medicine at international conferences. He also regularly offers seminars in the UK.

The President of The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
Council Member of The International Register of Consultant Herbalists
Founding Member of The International Association of Natural Medicine

graduatesJAALA KNOWLTON – USA – Vegan Triathlete Honored as a Women’s Adventure Cyclist by Women’s Adventure Magazine

Jaala graduated as a Naturopath from the School of Natural Medicine in 2000 after healing severe anorexia. Jaala went on to marry, birth 5 children, raise them vegan, and model a healthy athletic life as she practices the truth of the teachings.

Accreditation, Approval & Membership Organisations

Accreditation for Graduates
SNM graduate, Betty Sue O’Brian, elected President of the IIPA.
Farida with Betty Sue &Ellen Tart Jensen at the IIPA Conference where Farida spoke on constitutional Self Healing.

Graduate Accreditation

Accreditation for Graduates or approval, membership & legality depends upon where students live and their creative choices.

Graduates are living examples and educators guiding seekers of health, wellness, healing and rejuvenation.

Graduates practice respectfully within the law wherever they live.

Graduates use Naturopath, Natural Physician or prefer HealthMaster or Longevity Counsellors or terms familiar to where they live.

School of Natural Medicine teaches truth teachings that honour the laws of nature and cause and effect.

Graduates respect practitioners from other paths of study and practice for the benefit of human beings blessed by the gift of life.

Graduate Accreditation

Graduates in the United Kingdom, European Union (EU) & World Wide

School of Natural Medicine flourished worldwide from 1977 in Cambridge, England, and 28 years in Boulder, Colorado, and again in Cambridge, England since 2007. Our consistent standard of excellence draws students from all over the world. Graduate success in England, Malaysia, India, Lebanon, USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Holland, Iceland and other countries proves the quality and integrity of our school and the truth of the teachings.

ICAM now ICNM is the Official Naturopathy Accreditation organisation in England

Farida Sharan ND has a unique relationship with ICAM now ICNM as her school was approved in the 1980’s during its creation. She also served as an Editor on the prestigious Journal of Alternative Medicine and was a keynote speaker at the first Alternative Medicine Exhibitions in London during the rise of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in the United Kingdom

Graduate Accreditation

Graduate Accreditation

Accreditation is a question every enquirer wants to understand. Our Diploma graduates qualify for membership to numerous accrediting, approval and regulatory bodies but it is important to understand that experiencing the healing power of nature is a human right, not one bestowed by individual institutions.

All of the topics covered in our Diploma courses are ones that you can freely practice, within ‘common law’. Some herbs are regulated in the UK and EU, and our Herbal Medicine course may, in the future, require a bridge course if herbal regulations change. All students, from any country, can become a member of the American Herbalist Guild. See below for further details.

The accrediting bodies and associations listed below offer, not the right to practice, but the many benefits of sharing community, supporting each others work, protecting the role of Natural Physicians as a group, membership benefits such as reduced insurance rates, conferences for continuing education, sharing of pertinent changes to the profession and access to current clinical studies and research.

In addition to the personal benefits of membership, strength of numbers is vital for continuing protection of Natural Medicine.

Our graduates have gone on to success in every field associated with Natural Medicine; creating their own schools, regulatory and accrediting bodies, health clinics and retreats, managing and creating high-end spas, creating their own business, such as herb, tea and herbal drink companies, natural skin and makeup companies, naturopathic equipment companies, teaching workshops and seminars, writing books, becoming herb growers, creating flower essence systems, researching medicinal herbs, hosting talk and radio shows, creating Herbariums for corporations, running integrative medicine clinics, and much more. Dream your vision and create the life you want to live!

Success is not won by a qualification. It is won because you do fine work that draws clients to you because they are happy and recommend others to come to you and because you represent the truth of what you teach and practice as an authentic example. All practice and teaching is accomplished with respect for the laws of where you live.Graduate Accreditation

Graduates in the USA

Graduate accreditation for School of Natural Medicine International was Approved by the State Board of Higher Education in the USA.

Graduates may apply for membership to numerous accrediting bodies.

SNM approach to Naturopathy is in alignment with international standards of practice based on the more than 2000 year history of Naturopathy.

AAMA granted School of Natural Medicine full board professional accreditation. Both traditional and non-traditional schools and colleges recognise the AAMA as an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions: “Our organisation can assist your Naturopathy graduates with many professional benefits.”

“The AADP has granted the School of Natural Medicine full board professional accreditation and certification. Your school’s curriculum fully meets our accreditation board’s educational requirements, and should give your students a thorough knowledge of courses set-forth by the Institute. Graduates of your school will be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners through the AADP.”

AADP says: *This Organisation Recommends School of Natural Medicine as the best Naturopathy School.”

P O Box 431, Englewood, CO 80151 Fax: 303-798-5499

1434 Fremont Ave., Los Altos, CA 94024 Tel: 650-967-1232
* CSHNP is Part of this Organszation.

717 14th Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005

3857 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43213


IIPA welcomes SNM Master Iridologists to apply to become members and certified teachers.

Our graduates practice successfully in many countries, run clinics, herbal companies and schools, write books, teach, travel internationally and serve as living examples to guide and inspire clients and students seeking truth and healing.


Since 1977, SNM has graduated hundreds of students who work around the world in practice, teaching, researching, founding schools, spas and businesses, working in the spa and corporate worlds, serving in hospitals and prisons, growing organic herbs and foods in greenhouses and gardens, creating herbal and health products and formulas, and as authors and much more. SNM only lists Diploma Graduates who keep in touch with the school. Search on the web to connect with SNM graduates if you are seeking practitioners.

School of Natural Medicine also graduates students in Certification programs in Reflexology, Essential Oils and Flower Essences, however these graduates are not listed here.

From 2007, all School of Natural Medicine Diplomas and Certifications are Approved by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools trainings. Previously, graduates were approved by the Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United Kingdom.

DISCOVER OUR GRADUATES: Explore for posts from 2007 to 2014. Click on graduates on the right menu, and meet graduates and learn what they are contributing to the fast growing world of alternative and complementary natural medicine. Our School News Blog on our website began in 2014.


Delfina Rose ND MH MIr; Flagstaff
Jenna Blas, Sedona

Carol Hetzer MIr; Mena
Lorelei Oliver MH MIr

Anahata Katkin MH ND MIr; Los Angeles
Cathy Grinstead ND MH MIr; Fresno
Cezanna Malter ND; San Rafael
Elyshia Gardner-Holliday ND MH MIr; Hanford
Roya Bahari, Santa Barbara
Roy Mulholland MIr; Santa Cruz
Sarah Martel ND; Santa Rosa
Theresa McCall ND; San Anselmo

Alexandra Hamilton ND, Boulder

Beth Dorsey, Reflexology, EO, FE HD, Longmont

Bill Fanning MIr ND MH, Boulder
Bonnie Caruso ND MH MIR, MS, LMT, Advanced Massage Therapy and Energy Bodywork, Littleton

Dani Espinosa, FE HD ES. Reflexology, Denver

Daniel Garza MH; Greeley

Daniel Terres ND MH MIr; Crestone

Don Higdon ND; Pueblo
Donna Walter MH ND MIr

Erica Ochs, Reflexologist, Paonia
Ernie Blue, MIr; Manitou Springs
Georgia Norman ND; Fort Collins

Hayley Porter, EO, FE, Reflexology, HD, Boulder

Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIR; Aurora

Indie Kerry Tripp, Colorado
Jaala Manzanares ND MH MIr; Lafayette

Jessica Gremley, HD, Natural Skin Care, Golden

Julie Neway, ND MH MIr, Niwot
June McNees ND; Northglen
Katherine Gomez ND MIr; Pueblo
Kelli Rayburn ND; Boulder

Kristen Samz, HD , Denver
Krystal Voss; ND MH MIR; Denver
Laura Adams MH ND MIr; Boulder
Lisa Lowe ND MH MIr; Lakewood

Maggie Knauer, ND Hd HM IR EO FE Reflexology, Steamboat Springs
Mahisha Doss ND MH MIr; Colorado Springs
Maureen McEntire ND, Boulder
Michelle Ambler ND MH MIr; Grand Junction
Myan Sorensen ND MIr MH; Crestone
Ofelia Espy MH ND Mir; Erie
Patricia Beard MIr; Brighton
Piper Daily MH; Aspen

Radha Shivagiri, EO FE, Denver
Sandra Patterson-Slaydon ND MH MIr, Estes Park

Sonia de Graff ND, Westport

Nicole Watson ND MH; Lake Mary
Robin Noyes ND; North Palm Beach
Tamara Matthews MIr MH ND; Sebastian, Florida
Vicki Huey ND, Miami

Adele Nelson ND MH; Kauai
Tarah Michelle ND MIr MH; Maui

Betty Sue O’Brian, ND MIr MH; Louisiana
Donna Caire ND MIr MH; Louisiana

Anna Lloyd ND; Fallston
Jose Meija MIr MH; Wheaton

Barbara Pina MH ND MIr;
Marilyn Kugler MH; Leyden
Rosa Cameron ND MIr MH

Mary Finnell, ND MIr MH; Ann Arbor, Michigan

Betty Sue O’Brian MI MH ND; Ocean Springs
Donna Caire ND MH MIr

Louise Harvey ND MH MIr; Missoula

Barbara Rogers Tracy MH MIr ND; Taos
Eva Gaspar MH ND; Clovis
Gwendolyn Griswold MH; Questa
Mahisha Doss ND HM MIr; Santa Fe, New Mexico
Robert Stevens ND; Albuquerque
Sandra Miller MH ND; Cleveland, NM

Christine Devenney Agro ND MH MIR; Brooklyn
Joan McLaughlin ND; New York

Avery Brain MH ND MIr

Anne Denis MH

Anahata Katkin ND MIr MH; Ashland
Nara Rosser ND MIr MH; Ashland

Joan McLaughlin ND; Cranston

Amy Spadafora, ND MIr MH; Hilton Head, South Carolina

Gabriella Betancourt MIr; Salt Lake City
Ian White MH ND MIr
Renelle Krueger ND MH MIr; Midwife; Payson

Laura Cuadras MH; Everett
Mark Sheldon MIr
Pamela Carlson MIr

Gigi Stafne

Mary Finnell ND; Morgantown

Elsepth Taimre ND MH MIr; Perth, Australia
Gary Jackson ND MH MIr NP; Ellenbrook, Australia
Dorothy Morley, Nanamo; B. C.
Lorraine Coughlan ND, St. Albert, Alberta; 403-963-0240
Juergen Buche ND; Quebec
Thais Baker ND MH MIr; North Vancouver, Canada
Uwe Eisenhaut ND MH MIr; Vancouver, C. C.
Rosa Cameron ND MIr MH
Bjorn Vernharthsson MIr; Reykjavik
Gunna Gunnlaugsddottir MIr; Hvolsvollur
Kolbrun Bjornsdottir MIr; Reykjavik
Kristbjorg Eliefhf MIr; Reykjavik
Harpa Eysteins MIr; Reykjavik
Jonina Berg MIr; Rejkholti
Jonina Thorbjarnardottir MIr; Hrisey
Lilja Oddsdottir MIr; Reykjavik
Ragnhilde Sigurthardottir MIr; Selfoss
Rannveig Bjornsdottir MIr; Reykjavik
Thorbjorg Asa Kristinsdottir MIr; Reykjavik
Tom Goss MIr, Feakle, County Clare
Ofelia Espy ND MH MIr
Natalia Gonzales MIr
Bonny Casel Melendy ND MIr MH; Director SNM UK; Kathmandu
Anne Emsalem MIr; France
Ghatfan Safi MBRI MH ND MGNI; Lebanon –
(Dictionary of Iridology & Iridology Coloring Book co-authored with Farida Sharan)
Caroline Kooy MIr MH ND
Fang Tuan Seng
Michael Wong
Mohammed Kassim
Paul Koh
Raymond M.K. Chin
Saroja Theavy
Wong Ang Peng MIr ND; Kuala Lumpur
Y. H. Chai
Shanti Smith ND MIr MH; Golden Bay
Leeann Cruz, Palawan
Renier Du Toit MIr; Strand, South Africa
Jagoda ND MIr
Angela Bradbury MIr DHom. MBRI FGNI ND MAMH, London
Elizabeth Perry MIr; Cambridge
Harriet Di Luzio MIr MBRI MGNI
Ivor Perry MIr; Cambridge
John Tindall MIr, London
Kathryn Meader, MIr RSHom LCH MBRI MGNI; Billericay, Essex
Madelene McConomy MIr MBRI FGNI NIRA IIST; Seasalter, Kent CT5 4SS
Malcolm Simmonds MIr; Sussex
Martin Ward MIr MBRI; Derbyshire

Nicola Roche ND HM IR HD; London
Peter Enkel MIr MBRI
Peter Jackson-Main MIr MBRI MGNI; Cambridge
Ravi Ponniah MIr; London
Roger Savage MA MIr RSHom, FSHom MBRI; Saffron Walden
Rosemary Lomas MIr FGNI; Harrow
Salim Khan MIr MD(MA) DO FGNI; Leicester, London
Sarah Bunting MIr; Totnes, Devon
Sarah Hawkins MIr; MBRI MGNI; Stratford-upon-Avon
Shastra Raven BSc MIr MBRI MGNI MH; Norwich, Norfolk
Vicki Pitman, MIr MH MBRI FGNI, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

John Tindall MIr, London
James Agnew
Paul Ashburner
Phil Biggerton,
Gerry Birch
Loekie Bone
Angela Booth
Geraldine Bullimore
Cam Burridge
Jutta Cardew
Elizabeth Charlwood
Marian Dickenson
Colin Dunwell
Dr. Tim Duerden
Sheila Edwards
Sue Evans
Helen Fletcher
Elizabeth Fraser
Dr. Maryanne Freer
Gregory Gardner
Anthony Ghazal
Diana Grose
Shirley Goddard
Michele Godward,
Susan Goodwin
Thomas Goss
Grace Hall
Estelle Hancock
Ray Hill
Margaret Hockney
Adam Jackson
Ifanca James
Simone Kirk
Peter & Patricia Klein
Jeannette Kozimor
Stella Lamb
Mary Latimer
Jennifer Leslie
Bertram Lewis
Eileen Mackie
Joel Mahabir, London
Gary Margrove
Peter Morris
Roy Mulholland
Dr. Christine Page
Kerry Pain
Barbara Penny
Sheila Ralph
Anne Shaughnessy
Anne Marie Robinson O’Neill
Maureen Smith Price
Edward Thompson
Jane Thurnell-Read
Chris Timms
Alan Waggett
Ann Wood Wolfe, Ireland
Brian Woods
Andreina Woodward