TRANSFORM: Gradual change of appearance, nature, character toward improvement, beauty, health and ability to function.


Three professional students share an Integrated Immersion in Boulder, Colorado to achieve transformation in their life and work.


“Farida, it’s incredible you found the power to find true health and cure from  cancer.”

Jorg sought renewal after 20 years service as a Medical Doctor Oncologist. He enrolled in Naturopathy / Natural Physician Online and attended trainings in Boulder, Colorado.

His Self Healing embodiment of truth teachings resulted in increased health, energy and positivity in his personal and professional life. Three years study, Self Healing and life changes, including a move to England, and attending the Naturopathy Immersion in Spain birthed a balancing poetic shift to right brain creativity.

“Air Element evolved the discovery of slowly-ness awareness of time and space losing boundary, like a new branch sprouting ever so slow in the climbing out toward light, having all the time it needs, finding its place in space and time as if it was already there and knew where it had to reach and grow to find itself , searching without searching, growing without knowing, carried by the Truth to the height, looking down, being part of the Tree of life.

Life shows the next branch coming from its stem, rooted in the Earth, pulled pushed up by Water rising, touched by the Fire of light and warmth, breathing in and out in Air, the breath of eternity, climbing up in itself and becoming one with itself. 

Sound, light, energy, vibrations, listening, seeing, feeling, being, permeating everything that is. After breathing the Heaven on Earth cosmic Dance to the notes of wisdom, turning, breathing together, what is the Sound of Silence.



Amy dreamed of a loving world as she followed the Grateful Dead. Inspired by a SNM graduate, she phoned her mom to meet with Farida and enroll. After three years of studies, self healing, summer schools, and apprenticeship in SNM’s office and herbal pharmacy / dispensary, Amy graduated as Naturopath, Iridologist, Master Herbalist. She returned to N Carolina, married and birthed a healthy son. Amy evolved a practice, tea and herb company,workshop trainings, landscape design, an organic garden with her husband, hosting sweat lodges, and teaching gardening and healing foods to Waldorf students in her community. Her world of love, of giving and receiving, offering more than receiving is living joy in a home of harmony!


“Healing by nature is a spiritual path and personal growth an art form.”

Nichola graduated as Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist and Healing Diets Consultant after ten years of combining studies and Self Healing while working in and creating Spas in Asia and the Middle East. Now Director of the superb Akasha Spa in London, she balances a professional life with living in the English countryside village of her dreams.

Nichola says, “School of Natural Medicine and Farida Sharan transform your life because you  take responsibility for your health. Farida teaches you to inspire, educate, empower and motivate clients and students by adopting Natural Medicine principles the school embodies.

I learned healing with nature is a spiritual path, and personal growth is an art form and a way of life. I evolved on a spiritual path to honor my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses.

I received the skills, tools, and knowledge to become a competent and effective Naturopath. The philosophy inspired me to become a living example of the teachings. Classes changed my life on every level as I embodied the teachings and experienced naturopathy treatments and Healing Diets during my personalized Self Healing.  I immersed myself in experiencing what it means to be well and opened a portal to reach my true self and full potential.

Iridology: taught me to be a more compassionate human being to empower clients to master their inherited constitutional strengths & weaknesses. Note the changes in her irises!

Herbal Medicine: taught me a new respect for nature and an understanding of how plants heal, and assist us on emotional and physical levels.

Elements of Life:  – earth, water, fire, air, ether – awakened me to our world made of the elements – the basic forces of nature that need to be kept in balance.

Naturopathy: taught me skills of great Naturopathy masters and instilled an understanding of the healing power of nature with Healing Diets and lifestyle choices.

Self-Healing: I was encouraged to“dig deep” within myself during my Self-Healing Program. We discovered the underlying causes of illness rather than listing symptoms of dis-ease and learned to design Naturopathic treatment plans using therapies that are gentle, non-invasive and most of all effective.