Young Living Essential Oils - Raindrop Technique - Jessi Fanning Young Living Essential Oils class was a perfect and divine time as I realized earlier I do not feel or emotionally process in my life and I prayed to begin feeling – the good and not so good – everything! I now truly believe that to feel is to heal!

When I received my first Raindrop Therapy session, I felt my energetic field expand as I connected to the external world in a new way. I  feel blessed to receive such a beautiful service and gift from a fellow student. The morning after my first session, I felt happy, joyful and light! I honestly have not woken up feeling this great in months! Te profound healing I received from the essential oils on a cellular level is refreshing and life changing. I feel so lucky to be here with Farida Sharan and the other students, in the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, learning about alternatives to the typical American way so that I can expand this knowledge to others in need.

Young Living Essential Oils - Raindrop Technique - Jessi FanningI now know from personal experience that offering the Raindrop Technique with Young Living essential oils to my clients seeking aesthetician natural skin care and dietary therapies from my Healing Diets training in the School of Natural Medicine, will be of great benefit to their healing process.

Learning about trauma during our Essential Oils class opened my eyes to the amount of trauma that we as human beings go through during our lives. This opened new levels of sensitivity and compassion for others . I feel an obligation, professionally, to dig deep with clients in a caring manner to help them heal their traumas.

I am eager and dedicated to continuing my own self healing and using the essential oils on myself.” Jessica Fanning Gremley, Evergreen, Colorado; Aesthitician in Golden, Colorado; Naturopathy student.

Young Living essential oils that we use in the Raindrop Technique (Thyme, Oregano, Wintergreen, Basil, Marjoram, Cypress, Peppermint and the Aroma Siez and the Ortho Ease blends) are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, relaxing, pain reducing, analgesic and much more. Their influence during the therapeutic spinal anointing is felt through the central nervous system and in the spine, tissues, fascia, gland and organs, producing a most relaxed state of being as well as a reduction of discomfort for those with muscular pain or chronic conditions.