Pure Naturopathy 

Established as School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge, UK in 1977 and in Boulder, Colorado USA in 1988

Naturopathy. Natural Physician. Healing Diets.  Iridology.  Herbal `medicine. 

Heal as You Study  -  Evolve as You Learn  -  Thrive as You Embody


"After healing breast cancer with natural Self Healing in the 1970s,  I graduated as a Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Iridologist and professional continuing studies to practice and teach in the UK, USA and worldwide for 4 decades., I welcome students willing to explore, discover,  experience and evolve their unique essential self, body, heart, mind and purpose. 
Every student is a treasure."  - Farida Sharan ND

Curated Self-Healing Signature Programs

Explore your Physical, Emotional, Social, Cultural, Elemental, Political, Devotional, Mental and Spiritual Realities

Clarify and Shift Basic Beliefs that Influence Choices and Reactions to Conscious Balance

Understand Your Uniquely Personal Iris Constitution and Evolve Natural Life Processes

Restore Authentic Communication from Essential Self to Improve Personal and Work Relationships 

Receive Individual Refreshed Curated Longevity Wellness Lifestyle Plan: of Healing Diets, Herbal Nutrients personal formulas, herbal teas, flower essences, Self Care Skills and more...

Enroll with Step By Step Choices or Full Payment Commitment for Professional Discounted Tuition

Awaken Your Lightness of Being Evolutionary Spiral

Curated Self-Healing
Signature Programs

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Lightness Of Being Curated Self Healing Evolution

.01 Explore – Online Course Independent Study Materials or Enroll in Certificate or Diploma Courses.
.02 Experience – Consultation Conversation 1:1 Mentoring. Illuminate Past. Present and Future.
.03 Evolve – Restore Essential Self. Iridology Analysis. Create Your Future Conscious Choice by Choice. 
.04 Embody – Independently Healthy Life Skills Program. Health, Wellness & Healing Wisdom Understanding.
.05 Excel – Thrive in Life and Lifework as a Living Example. Achieve Your Dreams & Goals with Confidence.
.06 Extend – Chronic Recovery: Eczema, Psoriasis, Anorexia, Infertility, Surgery, Accidents, Coma and more...


“Self Healing is a lifestyle that inspires me to never stop striving to be the best version of myself. With a weight loss of over 50 pounds, before and after photos show only physical transformation. The amount of change within and without is impossible to put into words. 

I am forever grateful for my teacher and mentor, Farida Sharan, as she inspires with amazing information to heal yourself and others. The Self Healing experience takes you deep within yourself so that no matter what life throws at you, you have the tools to get through."

–Miranda Langelier, Naturopath Graduate. USA


Miranda proved the teachings and created her living example loving family wisdom lifestyle.


“You taught us how to change our lifestyle choices with hands-on care that made all the difference to being able to live and practice the teachings in my own life. I miss you and the school very much.”

– Lamia Mudarres, Graduate, Saudi Arabia


Lamia proved the teachings with an inspirational weight loss of over 85 pounds that inspires her clients and students to embark on diet and lifestyle changes.


“Even though I graduated from the four year Naturopathy College in Australia, I never knew what true Naturopathy was until I studied with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine. I am inspired by the courses, the flexibility of learning online personally and my Self-Healing cancer transformation.”

–Gary Jackson Naturopath Graduate, Perth, Australia

Gary Jackson

Gary proved the teachings with a dramatic healing of cancer tumors that shifted his location and lifework to a global healing brand.


Samantha Marshall, shares her deep-dive injury brain aneurysm healing during her Integrated Self `healing Embodied Naturopathy, Essential Oils, Healing Diets, Iridology, Reflexology studies at the School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, Colorado 2017-2019 and in Advanced Graduation Immersion in Malaga, Spain.

Shion Ulrike Bushner shares her recovery from post-coma reduced physical movement challenges, memory loss, and concentration confusion during her personally curated and mentored Lightness of Being Self Healing Program with Evolutionary Educator, Farida Sharan.

Self Healing

Self Healing Testimonials

Self Healing Deep ocean Dive Brain Aneurysm

Self Healing Post Coma movement & Brain Challenges

State Board of Colorado, Private Educational School Approval 
Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine UK (ICAM) 
American Alternative Medicine Association (AAMA) 
American Association of Drugless Practitioners USA (AADP)
American Herbalist Guild USA (AHG) 
Colorado Society of Holistic & Naturopathic Physicians Inc. USA (CSHNP) 
International Society of Naturopaths USA (ISN) 
Department of Health Board of Naturopathy USA (DHBN) 
International Academy of Naturopathic Physicians USA (IANP) 
International Association of Natural Health Practitioners USA (IANHP) 
International Iridology Practitioners Association USA USA (IIPA)

Awarded 'Best of Boulder' Adult Education School for 12 consecutive years since 2012

Countess Sally Baldwin - Dame Dr. Shirley Bond MD
Dr. Raymond Christopher -  Dr. Bernard Jensen

Countess Sally Baldwin
Dame Dr. Shirley Bond MD
Dr. Raymond Christopher
Dr. Bernard Jensen


School History

Dr Bernard Jenson and Farida Sharan, Iridology  and Natural Medicine Conference, Cambridge, England 1981

The Institute of Complementary Medicine
“Your School is affiliated to this Institute which means we share a commitment to develop the national standards of education for Complementary Medicine. Since you have always been recognised as one of the leaders in your chosen discipline, you would be one to advise this Institute and other Awarding Bodies of the standards of education, philosophical understanding, and clinical experience required for practitioner status.”
– Michael Endacott, Research Director, ICM

London Women’s Medicine Clinic
“I never knew such tissue changes were possible until Farida and I worked together, referring patients to each other. We achieved results with abnormal cervical smears, hormone imbalance, infertility, and pelvic inflammatory disease. I am impressed by Farida’s sincerity, integrity, and knowledge. As a lecturer and Faculty Member at the School of Natural Medicine, I attended Iridology and Herbal Medicine courses and utilise a camera for Iris analysis.”
– Dame Shirley Bond MD, Harley Street, London, UK

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