Online Study, Self Healing & Professional Trainings

Heal as you Study. Become Independently Healthy.

Online Study, Self Healing & Professional Trainings

Heal as you Study. Become Independently Healthy.

Farida Sharan walking in Ankor Wat Cambodia

School of Natural Medicine Int'l

School of Natural Medicine Int'l

Choose Personal or Family Healing. Graduate with Professional Skills.

Embody the teachings. Evolve as an authentic living example. Inspire.

“After healing breast cancer in the early 1970's with natural self-healing, I developed teachings to prove the principles of purification, regeneration and transformation with evolutionary educational wisdom with respect for the laws of nature.

One to One mentoring, Self Healing Embodiment, Online Study and Integrated Immersions inspire students to become living examples, authentic practitioners, compassionate teachers and abundant lifework creators to live and work as healthy human beings respecting the world we share." – Farida Sharan ND



Naturopathy student Michelle Horrocks with Travellers Joy plant.

Prepare to become a living example of the science of truth teachings proved in your own life and body. Create a lifework you long to live as an authentic inspirational practitioner, ethical sustainable business creator, author, educator and more. Take one step, prove it, then take another!


Kristina Ignaco and family radiating health and wellness. in California

Parents choose personal responsibility to practice informed Self-Care Life Skills to raise their family with conscious understanding of healing diets, herbal culinary nutrition, essential oils, flower essences, self-reflexology and home treatments for prevention and enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle.


Jesse Zoller Self Healing Naturopahty student by Boulder Creek Path in Colorado

Students of all ages seeking understanding of their own life, body, mind and spirit are invited on a journey of self discovery to solve problems, overcome trauma, clear symptoms, improve relationship skills, choose conscious positive choices and the healthy daily habits that support the realization of life goals.

Choose Your Unique Personal, Family or Professional Study Path

“School of Natural Medicine is the place to be if you are on an evolutionary road of the soul.” Eva Voros Sabet, Minnesota, USA

“I learn so much from your books and lessons. I appreciate your thoughts, your philosophy, your achievements, and your pathway of mentoring students.” – Ruibo Yao, China

“Bless you Farida. Your herbal formula are benefitting people every day. So many people come back and say how much they like them. Anxiety seems to be crazy in the UK at the moment, especially amongst young people and they really love the nerve formula in particular.” – Suzanna Thelwall, Yorkshire, UK, Provider of Herbs of Grace formulas.

“Farida, my wonderful soul-mother, saw me through the worst of the throws of anorexia disease. My now healthy body produced the miracle of seven babies from the insight of all that was good in blessing the temple of my body with healing foods. Thank you to the universe for all it provides. During the School of Natural Medicine Immersion, in Boulder, Colorado, I experienced the Elements of Life movement processes and found my personal beauty and strength."
– Jaala Knowlton, Naturopath, Colorado

“I’m doing really well with my new enterprise, loving life! The life lessons wisdom you shared helped me get to where I am today.”
– Kevin Sloma, California

"I began my studies looking for a career and came out four years later with a whole new life! My irises reflected the changes by becoming blue!!
– Maggie Knauer: Naturopath

“ChakraTeas – Raising Your Vibration One Sip at a Time! I am building my tea, kombucha and herbal products business and practice. Miss you and the infinite experience shared in the Immersion classes!”
– Daniel Bucca, Naturopathy student, Australia

“My heart unfolds with waves of gratitude for this path of Self Healing. I respond to each new moment in sovereignty with healing diets, reflexology, bodywork, meditation, breath work, movement, music and the surrender of prayer. Offering you deepest gratitude with love and honor."
– Edwin Luckoff-Amador, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Healing Diets, Iridology student, Columbia

“I have been feeling so good physically and mentally since doing Healing Diets Online.”
– Elloretta Wedderburn, Healing Diets & Self Healing student, Jamaica