Integrated Immersions

Self Healing


Embark on a journey of self-discovery to experience, understand and cooperate with your unique body and being through life's ever evolving changes. Experience purification, regeneration and transformation on your life path to achieve your dreams, goals and highest potential.
Co-create your self-healing journey with Farida Sharan, Naturopath, evolutionary educator, wisdom mentor and longevity lifestyle inspiration. Receive a wealth of embodied practical life skills  experience in dynamic interactive online one to one in-person programs.

Personal Online Self-Healing Mentoring Curated Lifestyle Creation Adventures

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Four Integrated Naturopathy Immersions interweave all course subjects, with each Immersion focusing on one subject. Imagine Immersions and VIP Days that include creating Healing Diets recipes, explorative Reflexology essential oils sessions, creating flower essence blends and iris print analysis as you learn practical life skills that make online courses come alive in heart, mind, being and body. 

Experience how Iridology mirrors Reflexology, the influence of Healing Diets and Herbal Medicine on body system functions, the uplift of well being from Therapeutic Anointing, and how Naturopathy home treatments support gentle cleansing programs

Integrated Naturopathy


Professional training enhanced by experiential self healing

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Therapeutic Annointing


Therapeutic Anointing restores holy touch through ancient biblical and mystical foot bathing and anointing of the feet, hands and head. As touch slows we enter a field of refined subtle experience and bliss when giving or receiving dynamic touch intelligence skills. 

Experience self-reflexology with essential oils that effect our emotional non-verbal brain, cleanse receptor cells, erase negative DNA, oxygenate and reprogram cellular function. Bach and FES flower remedies gently adjust physical, emotional, social, cultural, elemental, mental and spiritual influences, opening a full spectrum of natural evolutionary realignment bliss.

Essential Oils & Flower Essences Deepen

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Learn how the Chakras, Elements and Emotions awaken perceptions of the ever changing interconnected Inner Ecology of being and our Outer Ecology of the nature that sustains us. Stream Vimeo 5 Element DVDs.

Evolve direct experience of elemental healing processes from ancient teachings embodied within your personal creative expression of movement merged with sounding and music. Open pathways into reservoirs of energetic memory, healing, consciousness and bliss.

Experience how the five elements awaken awareness of the unfolding flow of life's changes and invite participation in your unique evolution. 

Elements of Life


Healing mind-body elemental Energetics
of Earth, Water, fire, Air & Ether

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Herbal Medicine


Master teachers share decades of experience during 75 hours over two weeks. Explore herbal clinics, enjoy hikes in the nearby meadows, forests, and waters of the Rocky Mountain foothills, and a field trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens.

Experience detox, acute, chronic care herbal poultices, packs and therapies. Prepare ethically foraged wild food meals enhanced by culinary herbs, spices and superfoods.

Embrace the full spectrum of transforming plant energetics, signatures, identification, and wildcrafting into pharmacy and dispensary medicinal products to inspire the mastery of clinical practice skills.

Integrated Herbal Clinical, Pharmacy and wildcrafting Training

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Herbal Medicine

Therapeutic Annointing

Integrated Naturopathy

Elements of life

Self Healing


Advanced Diploma Online and Group Immersions

Body of Wisdom. Spirit of Love.


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Self Healing Retreats


Do you ask a doctor what you can do to help yourself? Is it time to create shifts with self-care habits? Explore natural, practical, gentle, safe daily life choices that prove YOU can make a difference. Evolve understanding of your unique body and being. Experience confident communication whenever challenges arrive.

Create balanced well-being when you add the five flavors to your  meals. Restore energy with culinary herbs and spices. Learn self-touch to move pain and disturbances through before they take hold. Experience your personally curated organic and wildcrafted quality herbal nutrients. Make plus choices for personal and home products that support health and energy. Leave minus choices behind. 

Know what to do when the first feeling of tiredness or distress arrives. Every ache, pain, fatigue, emotion, worry, tension is a message. It's time to pay attention. It's time to know what to do. It's time to know yourself. It's time to become Independently Healthy.

Initial Consultations. Curated Personal Programs. Life Skills Sessions.

Choose: Step by Step Personal Self Healing to suit your budget, schedule or simply because you wish to explore and experience.

Enroll: Full Personally Curated Self Healing Journey with time pay and full pay options.

Invite Farida Sharan, a wisdom teacher, author, practitioner and evolutionary educator of 45 years wealth of knowledge and wisdom, to support your personal evolution.

Adventure explorations begin with your challenges, goals or sense of unknowing and indecision or anything! Dynamic conversations may focus on physical history symptoms and health challenges. Diving deeper we uncover causes of emotional, social, cultural relationship stresses that expand naturally into life purpose, goals and spiritual experience.

Clarity emerges as we zone in on basic beliefs, resistances, fears, and all that holds you back. With joyful humor we craft communication memes, lifestyle changes and a path forward with renewed life skills to honor self-care and self healing opportunities.

As a returning student you are invited to book a Curated VIP Therapeutic Anointing Session to move you through transitions, recovery, preparation for and to celebrate important life events with respectful joy.

Therapeutic Anointing opens the pathway to deeply immerse into your own field of being to ask and receive deep knowing. 

Bodywork may shift seamlessly from appropriate selections after a foot bath or ceremonial bath to holy anointing and a cranial full body and being alignment session. We may begin with reflexology and zone therapy after creating a personal oil blend and flower essence and move into cranial. In tune with and following energy the session merges into the unfolding energies of your field of life needs for evolutionary alignment.

We could begin with a deep meridian head massage to release pain then  move into a spinal raindrop session or auricular ear therapy. Each session restores equilibrium followed by time and space for deep rest.

Whatever the session, enjoy an experience of nourishment, safety, respect and creative resonance with serving your highest potential.

Invite Farida Sharan, a wisdom teacher, author, practitioner and evolutionary educator of 45 years wealth of knowledge and wisdom to support your personal evolution.

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Elements of Life Immersion


Chakras, Elements, Emotions (CEE) Awakening Healing Processes
With Farida Sharan

If you don't dance the elements, they dance you! 

The elements of life weave their energies through our Inner Ecology of our earth, water, fire, air and ether elements of life that form the mystic yoga chakras; the skeletal, reproductive-kidney-bladder digestive-nervous, circulatory-lymphatic and endocrine-nervous body systems; fear, desire, anger, greed and attachment passions; smell, taste, sight, touch and the giving and receiving of vibrational sound senses,; sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter and more.

Imagine your Inner Ecology connections interacting with the elemental Outer Ecology. Exchanges of the senses, tastes, and body systems that resonate with climate, weather and extreme elemental earthquakes, floods, fires, storms and changes in etheric space.

The yang journey through earth movements releases fear constrictions and tensions from the bones to open the reservoir to experience the yin depth desire emotions of water to balance into refined feeling and eventual stillness.

The yang journey of fire activation releases buried warrior rage that transforms into humor, fun and joy that naturally expands slowly into receptive yin air compassionate victory over speed and greed, so that the yin yang giving and receiving of sound inspires spiritual aspiration rather than ego attachment to temporary worldly attachments and possession.

Chakra, Elements and Emotions connect with multi-level human experience from ancient mysticism to quantum physics, interweaving our dynamic energetics and freeing creativity to fulfill our life purpose as we achieve our life goals and dreams. If you don't dance the elements, they dance you!

While every conversations, class and immersion, with every question, teaching, listening and learning brings transformation, the movements, sound and inner attention of the Elements of Life processes brings experience ready to be processed, cleansed and understood so that the elements of life wisdom teaching becomes a part of you and how you life in your daily life.


"I felt grounded even as the movements safely and gently released fear and traumas from my bones, body and being.”  
Dila, Tajikistan

"Water taught me to move fluidly and flow with challenges until I received a feeling of inner peace and stillness, of deeply felt physical and mental relaxation." 
Heather, USA

"I called out to my fire and released the pure true fire that exists beyond anger, the one that demands empowerment in an existence far beyond the need for survival." Laura, USA

The feeling of transformation and evolution was strong when I faced my other face...not the pretty one. I danced the Beauty and the Beast within me, feeling fierce, strong and brave as I punched my fears and weaknesses away. I felt ready to conquer my goals with will power and joy." 
Lamia, Saudi Arabia

"I was gifted a feeling profound fulfillment, gratitude, expansion, ease and clarity I have longed for as I physically felt myself 'connect' with my energetic core!" 
Jessica, USA

Ether vibrated through my being as my cells sang with the miracle of all that is and ever will be. A glimpse of the sentience of the earth, the planets and my body as fully awake and aware, I played the harp of the universe. Truth echoes through my very being and I am blessed to receive it." Karla, USA

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Healing Diets Immersion


Healing Diets Immersion
With Farida Sharan

Healing Diets Immersions offer hands-on practical experience, depth information and profound Self Healing processes. Gentle cleansing, detox, low glycemic foods, vegan, vegetarian, raw, living, organic foods supported by colon cleansing and Self Healing emotional process that stimulate release from habits, cravings, addictions and food disorders. Learn how to balance the five flavors and textures as you create superbly delicious attractive foods and drinks.

Create marinades, raw kale salads, liver cleanse drinks, fresh seed and nut milk smoothies, delicious nutritions salads layered with healing culinary herbs and spices, healthy replacements for All-American breakfasts, pizza, spaghetti, desserts – foods many love to eat but pay a price for later. Experience the power of Transitional food that combine raw dense grains, nuts and seeds nutrients with warm satisfying lightly cooked fruits and vegetables. You never need a recipe again as you understand food combining with a palette of ingredients that creatively work together.

Cultured raw vegan cheese, yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and dehydrated foods replace mucus forming dairy products. Nourish with joy. Shop without confusion. Combine foods with five flavor wisdom, culinary medicinal herbs, spices and natural probiotics that create healthy digestion.

Understand the cause of chronic Illness and the influences of finances and politics on food production with harm to health, animals and the environment.

Explore Gerson, Wigmore and Cousens healing foods systems, juice fasting, and detox models. Develop skills for counseling and educating clients suffering from addictions and cultural habits. Prepare to be an evolutionary teacher, a living example, an inspiration, and an authentic guide for seekers of health, wellness and healing.

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Therapeutic Annointing Immersion


Essential Oils & Therapeutic Anointing
With Farida Sharan

Farida applied daily self reflexology treatments during her two years of cancer self healing in 1970s California. During that time she transformed inherited weakness as the painful spleen area on her left foot released at the same time as she recovered from severe hereditary anemia. 

Personal and Professional Online Self-Healing stimulates fascination with self care life skills that give real results. Learn to move discomforts of headaches and the early aches and pains body messages that try to get your attention before they take hold. Combine with healing diets, flower essences, essential oils and herbal naturopathy home self treatments to master become Independently Healthy. Heal, prevent and maintain health

Learn therapeutic anointing life skills directly from Farida Sharan during your personal and professional Self-Healing online Integrated Immersions. Focused sessions feature the use of medicinal grade Young Living essential oils with reflexology, zone therapy and meridian self care as well as wise choices for multi-level personal and home products. Advanced bodywork sessions also available.

Farida learned the Bach Flowers from Nora Weeks at the Bach Center in 1977, and later included Icelandic and FES essences. Flower Essences are a integral part of discovering and experiencing the body, emotion, mind holistic connections that help us restore harmony to daily life. Herbal Inner Ecology nutrient programs include appropriate flower essences from discovery conversation clarity.

Self Care and Self Healing influence all levels of physical, emotional, social, cultural, elemental, mental and spiritual embodiment evolution.

Read Blog: Case Study Chronic Cures posts to be inspired how reflexology, essential oils, therapeutic anointing, and herbal foot bathing are added into consultation educational sessions. Learn how therapeutic self healing processes enhance healing and self care independence. Naturopathy and Diploma students include therapeutic anointing in their studies. You won't ever have to ask a doctor what you can do because you will already know self care techniques to support their good work to help you with medical needs.

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Herbal Medicine Immersion


Upcoming Herbal Medicine Immersion

June 20th to 30th 2022
Boulder, Colorado
A rare opportunity to receive professional experiential hands-on focused herbal medicine field trips, workshops, and clinical training over 75 hours with master herbal teachers. Enrollment limited to 14 students.

Deposit:  £500
Balance:  £1300
Full Tuition:  £1800

Brigitte Mars AHG
Study with a living example and inspiring teacher of Herbal Wisdom, a renowned plant energetics educator, herbalist, author, and professor sharing her vegan lifestyle skills and herbal healer expertise of raw living food, wild foraging and much more..

Marco Lam BA BSc LAC 
Explore Chinese & Western philosophy that influences herbal product creation, analysis and treatment with an acupuncturist and herbalist while enjoying Rocky Mountain hikes and training in his Clinic and Herbal Pharmacy / Dispensary.

1. Experience detox herbal poultices, packs, therapy and treatments.
2. Engage in depth studies of herbal internal acute and chronic care.
3. Prepare ethically foraged wild food meals with culinary herbs.
4. Discover subtle plant energetics, gestures and signature identification.
5. Forage and create with herbal medicinal, wild foods and culinary plants.
6. Create herbal products in pharmacy and dispensary classes.
7. Fine tune professional practice creation, consultation, program creation.
8. Attendance Certificate awarded to participants of the full Immersion.
9. Pathway requirement for the Master Herbalist Diploma

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Naturopathy Immersions


Integrated Naturopathy Immersions
With Farida Sharan

Four Integrated Naturopathy Immersions are offered to Naturopathy, Master Iridologist, Master Herbalist and Healing Diets diploma students. Each include the integrated study of Naturopathy, Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Iridology, Consultation and Programme Creation, and a range of Healing Processes, with an emphasis to the training in one area (see below) to provide a strong foundation for clinical practice. These can be undertaken in any order. 

1. Integrated Healing Diets Immersion
(required for all diploma courses)

2. Integrated Iridology & Naturopathy Immersion
(required for Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist and Naturopathy diploma courses)

3. Integrated Herbal Medicine Immersion
(required for Master Herbalist and Naturopathy diploma courses)

4. Integrated Essential Oils and Therapeutic Touch
(required for Master Herbalist and Naturopathy diploma courses)

All students explore personal mentored Self Healing with school founder and teacher, Farida Sharan ND. 

With more than 45 years experience as a practitioner and educator, Farida Sharan offers a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in her integrated education and clinical training immersions. 

Past educational and self healing retreats have been held in the UK, Thailand, South Africa, Iceland, Malaysia, Portugal, Cambodia, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, USA and Spain.

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