Personally Curated Self Healing Programs

Experience a dedicated focused Session or a full 3 to 6 month Self Healing program with Farida Sharan ND.
Choose any symptom, topic, concern or goal. Discover and explore mentoring evolution with a wisdom teacher.

Experience a dedicated focused session or a full 3–6 month program with Farida Sharan ND MIr MH.
Choose any symptom, topic, concern or goal & explore A mentoring experience with a wisdom teacher.     

Farida celebrates 45 years experience as a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, world renowned Iridologist and Evolutionary Educator. She founded the British School of Iridology and Natural Medicine in 1978 and the School of Natural Medicine in 1983 in Cambridge, England, graduating leading practitioners in the UK and worldwide. Farida authored three books on Iridology, including Iridology: A Complete Guide, as well as the Self Healing guide Herbs of Grace & Dance With Cancer where she shares her self healing natural recovery from breast cancer in the 70's. Farida founded the Colorado State approved and regulated School of Natural Medicine Int'l in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, graduating authentic living example dedicated and creative practitioners of Pure Naturopathy worldwide over  25 years.  

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Personal Evolution Session

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Iris reveals constitutional practical truth.
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Self Healing

Iridology Analysis

Every self healing client and student receives a full iris analysis with world renowned educator, author and naturopath Farida Sharan ND.

Iris Analysis of the body organs and systems, acid and alkaline balance, levels of inflammation and toxicity, tissue quality, and constitutional strengths and weaknesses give understanding of personal Inner Ecology that guides the Self Healing program creation for a return to balance. Receive a diet, herbal nutrient and self care plan for longevity wellness.

Clients and students receive understanding of their own body and being that empowers self-responsibility.  Choose a Discovery constitutional analysis or Enroll in a full self healing program.

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Experience a Lightness of Being 3 month curated Self-Healing program. Explore self with depth consultation, discovery and conversational educational history of multi levels of physical, emotional, social, cultural, elemental, mental and spiritual influences.

An Iris Print educational analysis of constitutional life processes, an Inner Ecology assessment of body system and organ strengths and weaknesses, inspires commitment and understanding of natural cause and cure of symptomatic messages with guided confident self-care.

Preparation of self, home and choices inspires willingness to create wellness habits that endure after the program is completed. Students are supported by email, online discussions and educational sessions.

Personal Self Healing and professional Diploma graduation embodiment studies include specific programs dedicated to Longevity Lifestyle creation, Chronic and Trauma recovery, Infertility, and Anorexia or Weight Gain or Loss Balance programs.

Vibrational flower essences uplift the spirit and clear mental and emotional disturbances. Essential oils recommendations enhance naturopathic self-reflexology, therapeutic baths and self care as they inspire refreshed life skills habits.

Students of Life may also wish to co-create a personal journey that suits their finances, time availability, previous experience and specific goals. Share your truth.

Personal Lifestyle Creation

Lightness of Being
Curated Self Healing Program

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