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PERSONAL SUPPORT: Every student of their own life is a treasure to be welcomed and supported with care. Enrollment and payment questions you send on the contact form are answered with a personal email from Farida Sharan. If you are interested to enroll you will enjoy email exchanges and a conversation with your potential mentor and guide before you make the choice that is right and true for you. Request free online books. 

APPLICATION FORM: Provides Tuition Fees of the Professional Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets and Iridology Online Courses and all Self Healing Program and Session Options. Ask questions in space above.

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COMPLETE CONTACT FORM: Share details about yourself, your life, family, work, where you life, health and goals so I can learn about you before we speak in person. As mentoring is a teaching of loving kindness within a relationship of trust and respect, all enrollment is personal and feels right and true for both of us to choose to work together in mutual conscious connection for your highest purpose..


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If you would like to continue your Self Healing with Farida Sharan for longer than 3 months, you may enroll in another 3 month program or discuss further personal choice options with your mentor, Farida Sharan.

What if I want to continue for longer than 3 months?

Yes! If you have enrolled in or completed a personal Self Healing with Farida Sharan ND, you can then enroll in the course of your choice and your Self Healing fees will be credited towards the Self Healing requirement, where applicable, for your studies. 

can I apply my self healing towards a diploma or certification qualification?

Online course fees are non-refundable as once course materials are received they can't be unreceived. Self Healing fees are non-refundable once payment is received and students and clients receive their information and  study materials including e-books to begin their program. Retreat, class, sessions and immersion fees are non-refundable. Enrollment is commitment.

What is your refund policy?

Request banking details for US or UK Direct Deposit / Bank Transfer or pay the full amount due with for ease of options and payment methods
that offer lower fees and exchange rate costs.

How do I make a payment?

Your first step is to reach out to Farida Sharan and the school through the Contact Page to introduce yourself and share what you are seeking and your life dreams and goals. Your second step is to share an discovery conversation with mentor, Farida Sharan. 

How do I enroll?

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