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Farida Sharan ND

Nourished in childhood freedom in the pristine wilderness of mountains, ocean and abundant forests of British Columbia, Farida moved to California in the sixties. During the psychedelic revolution in Los Angeles she participated creatively as a sculptor and fashion designer while raising a son and two daughters. Seeking divinity led to a devout Buddhist practice and two pilgrimages to Japan, inspirational spiritual teachers Paramahansa Yogananda and Swami Satchidanada, and a teacher training residency at Yogi Bhajan’s ashram in Arizona where he honored her with the name, Guru Nam. 

The Mt Shasta spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris of the White Brotherhood, Farida's mentor, gave her the mantra, “I am the Temple of the Living God.’ In 1976 she met her spiritual teacher and continues her inner practice and the lifework of teaching inspired by her natural healing of breast cancer.

Scroll down to explore her personal evolution, the school lineage and the legacy of truth teachings proved by clients and students over 45 years. Request complimentary online books that share the healing adventures and self-healing life skills from the the contact page.

Welcome to Pure Naturopathy School as it continues to train teachers, offer advanced post graduate studies for healing arts professionals, and share curated self-healing programs with dedicated students and clients willing to experience their evolutionary path.

State Board of Colorado, Private Educational School Approval (1998-2019)
Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine UK(ICAM) 
Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International UK (GNII) 
American Alternative Medicine Association (AAMA) 
American Association of Drugless Practitioners USA (AADP)
American Herbalist Guild USA (AHG) 
Colorado Society of Holistic & Naturopathic Physicians Inc. USA (CSHNP) 
International Society of Naturopaths USA (ISN) 
Department of Health Board of Naturopathy USA (DHBN) 
International Academy of Naturopathic Physicians USA (IANP) 
International Association of Natural Health Practitioners USA (IANHP) 
International Iridology Practitioners Association USA USA (IIPA)
Awarded 'Best of Boulder' School for 10 consecutive years since 2012

Countess Sally Baldwin - Dame Dr. Shirley Bond MD
Dr. Raymond Christopher -  Dr. Bernard Jensen

Countess Sally Baldwin
Dame Dr. Shirley Bond MD
Dr. Raymond Christopher
Dr. Bernard Jensen


School History

Dr Bernard Jenson and Farida Sharan, Iridology  and Natural Medicine Conference, Cambridge, England 1981

The Institute of Complementary Medicine
“Your School is affiliated to this Institute which means we share a commitment to develop the national standards of education for Complementary Medicine. Since you have always been recognised as one of the leaders in your chosen discipline, you would be one to advise this Institute and other Awarding Bodies of the standards of education, philosophical understanding, and clinical experience required for practitioner status.”
– Michael Endacott, Research Director, ICM

London Women’s Medicine Clinic
“I never knew such tissue changes were possible until Farida and I worked together, referring patients to each other. We achieved results with abnormal cervical smears, hormone imbalance, infertility, and pelvic inflammatory disease. I am impressed by Farida’s sincerity, integrity, and knowledge. As a lecturer and Faculty Member at the School of Natural Medicine, I attended Iridology and Herbal Medicine courses and utilise a camera for Iris analysis.”
– Dame Shirley Bond MD, Harley Street, London, UK

Flowering Evolution

School History1988 - 2023

School History
1988 - Present

This 2023 Farida Sharan focuses on evolutionary life and lifework education embodied in curated self healing signature programs. She shares the professional courses and mentored programs in the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Mexico and worldwide online with dedicated seekers of practical lifestyle and professional expertise grounded in authentic wellness.

Founded School of Natural Medicine Int'l, Boulder, Colorado
In 1988 while attending a Rayid Iridology seminar Farida discovered a magical dome for sale on a nearby Rocky Mountain ridge and purchased the property as a base for the school and the teachings. Thus began 30 years of welcoming  local and international students to a yearly summer school, regular seminars, a naturopathy practice and creative projects.

Established 'Wisdome'  Press Publications in Boulder, Colorado
After warm response for Harper Collins Iridology: A Complete Guide textbook, Farida self-published Herbs of Grace–Becoming Independently Healthy, Iridology Coloring Book, Dictionary of Iridology, Creative Menopause, Flower Child in the Summer of Love, The Old Man and His Soul, Dance With Cancer, and in 2004, 14 DVDs. 

Approved and Regulated by the Division of Private Occupational Schools, State of Colorado
School of Natural Medicine Int'l was approved and regulated by the State of Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools. Extended yearly Summer Schools attracted students from around the world. Over 30 years, Farida graduated nearly 1000 students. Continued support assisted students and graduates to develop practices, herbal companies, communities, spas, books, found schools and healing centers, host retreats, develop product lines for herbal pharmacies and dispensaries and organic herbal and plant farms. 

Creation of 14 Training DVDS – Iridology – Chakras, Elements Emotions – Reflexology
Working with Carole DeVillers, photographer; Bill Fanning, superb film editor; Peter Orlando, DVD cover designer;  Carolyn Oakley, graphic design; Patrick Kusick, photographer and film editor,  Farida developed a series of training videos filmed at the Boulder, Colorado Summer School. DVDs include: 5 Chakras, Elements of Life and Emotions DVDs, 2 Iridology DVDS, 5 Reflexology DVDs. Trailers are found on YouTube  amd on Vimeo for streaming and purchase of the class sessions.

Integrated Immersion Trainings at Kelly's Barn, Boulder, Colorado
Summer Schools welcomed local and worldwide students to Kelly's Barn over 12 years,. Three days of Elements of Life movement healing processes inspired receptive learning of Integrated trainings: Depth analysis of each student's irises in relation to symptoms inspired creation of self-healing programs that prepared students for experiential study of Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, bodywork therapies and an embodied understanding of the Naturopathy principles of purification, regeneration and transformation. 

Voted Best Adult Education School in Boulder for 10 Consecutive Years (2012-2022)
With more than 300 adult education schools in Boulder, Colorado, we were honored and delighted to be voted 'Best of Boulder' by the local community for ten consecutive years. Our students and graduated excel as professional practitioners and creatives in the healing arts field from a wellness lifestyle established during their online, personal self healing and advanced attendance trainings. As living examples of the teachings that proved the truth of the teachings, graduates inspire by personal example. They walk their talk!

Graduate Studies at Alive Polarity & New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics
Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP status was awarded to Farida after Alive Polarity and New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics Core Cranial Certification advanced trainings that enhanced Farida's subtle energy elements of life movement processes, therapeutic bodywork, chi new tsang, & Mayan abdominal massage, shiatsu, reflexology, lymphatic massage, zone therapy, therapeutic anointing raindrop spinal, auricular ear and vagus nerve profound subtle energy somatic trainings integrated with essential oils and flower essences.  

Teachings & Travels Expanded in Asia, India, USA, UK, & Europe 
In 2016 Integrated Immersions shifted to Thailand, England, Portugal, Spain and Costa Rica with  Farida added online embodied mentored education student support. In 2019 students from Switzerland, Columbia, Caribbean islands and the USA attended four Colorado Immersions. In 2020 at Tao Garden,  Chiang Mai, students from Australia, China, USA and England attended a professional Lifestyle embodied immersion. Pure Naturopathy School was founded to focus on mentored one to one online and curated Lightness of Being Self Healing programs for personal, family and professional students, creatives and leaders with Farida Sharan ND.

With the founding of British School of Iridology and Wholistic Healing, Wholistic Research, Herb of Grace Pharmacy in the UK from 1977, and School of Natural Medicine from 1983, Farida began her lifework career as a pioneer practitioner and evolutionary educator of Pure Naturopathy. 

Established Roots

School History 1977-1988

Established British Register of Iridology
Farida created the first trainings and professional body for Iridology in the United Kingdom. After graduating as Master Iridologists, two British School of Natural Medicine Naturopathic Iridologists used Farida's standards of education and practice to carry forward the British Register of Iridology professional body when they established the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists in London. As Farida's approach is inclusive, honoring of all of her teachers and influences, and respectful for discovers of all world Iridologists, Iridologists world wide now share discoveries and expanded understanding of a field of study of the irises of the eye and human potential.

Farida Sharan with Graduates at the Alternative Medicine Exhibition, London, England 1981

Cambridge England - Founding of British School of Iridology and Holistic Healing
Farida's move to Cambridge, England in 1977 led to the founding of the British School of Iridology & Wholistic Healing as she established a busy professional practice. As the school flourished with students attending from different countries, Farida evolved the name of the school to School of Natural Medicine in 1983 and founded Wholistic Research Company to provide supplies for herbal and naturopathic care that were unavailable in the UK. Herbs of Grace pharmacy and dispensary developed to provide the full range of her formulas, and launched an integrated herbal pharmacy apprenticeship program that was open to her students and graduates. 

Cambridge Conferences
Farida organized conference trainings in Cambridge to bring major world teachers of Iridology and Natural Medicine to share their lifework discoveries. First, Dr. John Raymond Christopher shared his teachings in London and Dr. Bernard Jensen in Cambridge. After a trip to meet Willy Hauser and Josef Deck in Germany, and invitations sent to Dorothy Hall in Australia and Harri Wolf and Denny Johnson in the USA, regular conferences at the University of Cambridge contributed to quality iridology, herbal and naturopathy professional trainings based on the philosophy of purification, regeneration and transformation gained through her own Self Healing.

Nora Weeks Mentorship
Farida's first wish after her move to England was to meet the personal assistant of Dr. Edward Bach who managed the Bach Centre near Oxford. Nora Weeks invited Farida to visit Dr. Bach's home and garden where she shared his teachings, plants and gifted her with cuttings of all the remedies. Nora told Farida she was a 'Elm" with a purpose and destiny in the Healing Arts. On returning home, Farida created a full list of all the positive qualities of the remedies and sent it to Nora Weeks, recommending they include this information in the Bach Centre's book, and the next publication included the positive aspects of the remedies.

International Teaching
An invitation to teach 130 integrated students of all cultures in South Africa before apartheid ended sparked a decade of invitations to teach seminars in Malaysia, Australia, Iceland, and Canada. Student and graduate naturopathy embodied experiential self healing training retreats in Body Mind New York; Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences in Bangalore, India; the Puerto Rico Wigmore Institute; Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand; various Caribbean islands, the Philippines, and different areas of the USA, inspired student and graduate personal evolution with increasing respect for lifestyle and authentic living example achievements. 

Alternative Medicine Exhibitions, BBC and Media in the United Kingdom and the USA
BBC featured Farida at exhibitions, and magazines and newspapers (including Harper Bazaar, London Times, London Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Living Magazine, London Observer, Sunday Times, Cambridge Evening News, Beyond Science, Delicious and USA Alternative and Complementary Therapies) covered features on Iridology as did media during world teaching tours. Farida was invited as a keynote speaker in conferences in Australia, the USA and at the Dr. Jensen Memorial in California. 

Early Seeds

School History 1970-1977

Follow the evolution of Farida Sharan's seeking, creativity and studies with early teachers, Pearl Dorris of the I AM, Yogi Bhajan, Emily Conrad, Edmund Szekeley, and Dr. Raymond Christopher that inspired her self healing of cancer that led to the founding of School of Iridology and Wholistic Healing in Cambridge, England, in 1977!

Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training & Mr. America
A year of in residential yoga teacher training with Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles and at the Tucson, Arizona ashram included a study of the Adi Granth, a 3am community wakeup to music, chai tea and 3 almonds before a 2 hour yoga practice followed by meditation. The day was devoted to the community soup kitchen and her job at a health food cafe run by a past Mr. America who introduced Farida to wheatgrass, fresh juices, a vegan diet, distilled water, and a vision of longevity wellness.

Esalen Massage Training 
At the Los Angeles Gestalt Institute Farida studied Esalen massage based on tai chi movements. She also learned European facials, bodywork and Reflexology at the European Women's Spa in Westwood, Los Angeles with the personal teaching from the owner. These studies created a foundation of experience that led to a lifelong dedication to continued study to evolve refined, subtle energetic body work based on the individual. Farida created a velvet mandala in Mount Shasta to represent her inner evolution during this time. 

Dance With Cancer and Self-Healing of Breast Cancer
Searching for an answer after receiving a medical breast cancer diagnosis led to the purchase and study of Jethro Kloss’s book, 'Back of Eden', Farida chose purification instead of radical surgery. She camped in nature near Mammoth hot springs in the California Sierras with her children for a summer. A Tai Chi teacher guided her purification. This healing journey sparked two years of seeking and practice adventures of effort and grace, with mentors and studies that achieved understanding of cause and cure in the mystery of life and healing!

Mount Shasta Spiritual Teachings with Pearl Dorris
Self healing continued in Mount Shasta with the spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris, of the I AM Masters, who honored Farida with the mantra, “I am the Temple of the Living God.’ Pearl was the student of the ascended master Saint Germain, and personal assistant to Godfrey Ray King, founder of the Saint Germain Foundation. Pearl achieve mastery in daily life, and welcomed Farida into her home to share friendship, crochet and spiritual sessions. Through her innocence and simplicity, Pearl gained exceptional wisdom and the ability to transform people through her love. Herbs of Grace & Dance With Cancer share the story of her gifts to Farida.

Emily Conrad Continuum
Farida trained with Emily Conrad, the creator of Continuum, at her studio in Los Angeles where she experienced. "... essential, primary movements...that lie beneath cultural influence...move beyond patterns ...to recover health and creativity." Dancing the Caduceus winged form connected Farida with her Healer archetype and gifted an evolved understanding of her astrology chart of six Gemini planets. The freedom of expression of her essential self shifted her from Los Angeles to Mount Shasta, and another depth self healing adventure.

California Desert Healing and Spa Career
After two years utilizing healing diets, self-reflexology, yoga and spiritual practices, Farida continued healing the multi-level causes of breast cancer. A move to Palm Springs to manage a Women's Health Spa at a luxury resort included advanced studies of Polarity Therapy and Shiatsu that integrated energetic dimensions of  professional expertise into her natural instinctive therapeutic skills that integrated massage with naturally blended aloe facials and depth zone and reflexology therapies. Clients returned time and again!

Edmund Szekeley - Author of Essene Gospels
Farida received mentoring from Edmund Bordeaux Szekeley, author of the ‘Essene Gospels of Peace’ in 1976. Szekeley's translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed the purification and healing methods of biblical spiritual Christianity. A personal visit to his home inspired the living connection and his offer to provide the extraordinary fresh healing and beauty products from organic sources for Farida to use with her clients and celebrities at the Palm Springs Canyon Golf Resort where Farida managed the Women's Spa.

Rainbow Island, Escondido Healing Adventure
Farida experienced a 40 day purification at a desert vegan retreat based on the Hippocrates lifestyle and recovered normal eyesight after years of astigmatism and wearing glasses, healed hereditary anemia and all symptoms of breast cancer. Her iris color changed from hazel to blue, inspiring Iris Print Iridology! During this time Farida found her spiritual teacher and chose her path as an initiate disciple of the Science of the Soul Master Charan Singh Ji, a goal she had searched for since a child.

Healing Water Healing Adventure
Farida was invited to work and live at the Healing Waters Hot Spring Hippocrates Healing Centre in Arizona where she organized spa treatments, managed the Living Foods kitchen, developed living foods and water therapies skills and studied Iridology and Herbal Medicine with Dr. John Christopher, founder of School of Natural Healing. An invitation led to a new cycle of life in a new country, home and lifework in Cambridge, England. Enjoy the story of her time with Dr. Christopher in the Herbs of Grace book.

Follow Farida's evolution from her natural Canadian upbringing, through her travel adventures in London and Paris, to her creative unfolding at the Los Angeles, California at the centre of the 1960s artistic, fashion, music and mind expanding culture of flower children, spiritual teachers, yoga, hippies, rock stars, space travel and the Vietnam War.

Creating, Seeking and Healing

Farida's Early Years

Evolving and Expressing Authentic Creative Impulses as the California 60s Emerged
Alive with inspiration and in touch with her inner creativity after her sojourn in London and Paris, Farida pursued her love of fashion and art. She married Tony Melendy, a metal sculptor who was a founder of the Brutalist direct metal sculpture movement and their collaboration sparked a move to California where they founded art galleries in Carmel and on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. During the lively 1960's artistic life, she developed her fashion, jewelry and sculpture style as she birthed and nurtured a son and two daughters.

Farida Sharan adventuring in Dawson Creek, Alaska, 1959

Emissaries of Divine Light Spiritual Community
At 18 years Farida took a summer job at the 100 Mile House cafe in the British Columbia Caribou, she discovered  the spiritual community founded by Lord Martin Cecil, The leader of the Emissaries of Divine Light. Here she experienced her first spiritual 'attunement' and enjoyed exploring spiritual teachings that were merged with personal development and subtle energy bodywork. Regular attunements and community gatherings inspired her to achieve personal, cultural and travel goals. 

Beatnik Adventures in London and Paris
At 18 years Farida traveled, worked in London while studying Zen Buddhism with Christmas Humphreys at the London Buddhist Society and at the Paris Mistral bookstore across from Notre Dame cathedral (now Shakespeare and Company) with owner, George Whitman. Farida became part of the Paris Beat Hotel community of informal gatherings with Krishnamurti, Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell, Allen Ginsberg and other luminaries, and attended art, literature and musical events with critic, Jean Fanchette.

Vancouver, British Columbia Childhood & Teens
Farida enjoyed a Canadian childhood of swimming, ice-skating, biking, hiking, water-skiing, boating, acrobatics, dance classes and camping adventures, that shifted surprisingly in her teens to reading Kafka, Camus, Sartre, Freud, Jung enhanced by Saturday afternoons at the Vancouver Library reading National Geographic magazines and film festivals. Her love of jazz expanded to chess and a search for like-minded friends. Attending University of British Columbia wearing black dance tights, (a rebellion wish to be warm on the cold windy campus), her style led to a UBC newspaper editorship and connection with kindred students.

Dressing the Flower Children and Rock Stars of the 60's
Single parenthood inspired creativity with bronze metal sculpture and innovative jewelry sought by designers Rudi Gernreich, Judith Brewer (creator of paper clothes), department stories and Beverly Hills shops. Farida's mylar chain-linked dress and stretch jumpsuits led to interviews on Gypsy Rose Lee TV shows and her creations  were featured in Vogue, Women's Wear Daily and New York Times with photographs of Cher. Commission from Star Trek, Iron Butterfly, Jim Morrison, Baroness Thyssen, 'The Trip' movie that begins with her hooded silver dress and fashion requests from Renaissance Faire and Love In flower children.

A Return to Spiritual Seeking
At the height of Farida's success, reconnection with nature in Maui inspired study of Nichirin Shoshu Buddhism. Chanting the sanscrit Lotus Sutra ignited her passion for world peace and she traveled to Japan to the head temple, Taiseki-ji. President Daisaku Ikeda invited her to tea and presented her with a written poem, 'I heartily pray that beautiful your life will be, blessed by the sunshine of the mystic law for all eternity.' Santa Monica College psychology classes and a class with Yogi Bhajan ignited a new chapter of her life. 

Natural Physician NPh
Naturopath ND: 
Master Herbalist MP: Dr. John Raymond Christopher, School of Natural Healing
Master Iridologist MIr: Dr. Bernard Jensen
Certified Healing Arts Teacher : State Board of Colorado Certified Massage Therapist CMT
Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP Core Cranial Sacral Practitioner CSP Master Reflexologist MR
Certified Yoga Teacher CYT
Certified Living Food Teacher
Young Living Essential Oils Training - Utah Conference and Ecuador Clinic
Massage Therapist, California: Esalen, Swedish & Yugoslavian BodyWork 
Therapeutic Beauty Facials Practitioner Training: Los Angeles, California 1970's

Founder / Owner / Director
British School of Iridology UK 1977
British School of Iridology and Wholistic Healing, Cambridge, England 1980 
Wholistic Research Company UK 1978
Herbs of Grace Pharmacy / Dispensary UK 1978 - 2022
School of Natural Medicine Int'l, Boulder, Colorado 1988-2019
Approved State Board of Colorado Private Educational School
Regular Workshops, Seminars and Summer Immersions 30+ years Iridology Research Ethics – United Kingdom 1979
Wisdome Press 2001 USA Publishing Division of SNM
Herbs of Grace Pharmacy / Dispensary, Boulder, Colorado 1988 -2022

Available on Amazon, Smashwords and KDP
Iridology – A Complete Guide – Harper/Collins
Iridology – A Complete Guide – Revised Volume I
Herbs of Grace - Becoming Independently Healthy
Creative Menopause - Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality
Iridology Coloring Book
Dictionary of Iridology
Online Natural Medicine Study Courses: Master Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Naturopath
Flower Child in the Summer of Love
The Old Man and His Soul
Dance With Cancer – Online Ebook

DVDs Available on Vimeo and with E-course Study Materials
Iridology Introduction and Iridology Constitutions Lectures
Elements of Life 5 DVD Series: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether
Reflexology: 5 DVD Series
Mystic Yoga: Week One and Week Two, Puerto Rico

Board Member
Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, London, UK Vice-President – Mana Ke’A Healing Retreat Center, Hawaii
Board Member – Private Island Retreat Center, Palawan, Philippines
Colorado Society of Holistic & Naturopathic Physicians Board Member
Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Editorial Board Member, UK

Memberships and Awards
MDMA Doctorate, Medicina Alternativa, Copenhagen 1986
Gold Medal - 12th World Congress of Humanity, Copenhagen 1987
Ann Wigmore Living Foods Institute Honorary Award 2001-2002
Fellow of the International Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
Fellow of the British Register of Iridologists
Professional Member of the American Herbalists Guild
Member of the International Iridologist Practitioner’s Association
Colorado Naturopathy Medical Association Natural Physician
Fellow of the International Society of Naturopaths

Spa Manager
Canyon Golf & Racquet Resort, Palm Springs, California 1974-75
Director: Rainbow Island Retreat and Rejuvenation Healing Center, California 1975
Director: Eden Hot Spring Healing Waters Retreat Center, Arizona 1975-76
Boutique Owner & Fashion Designer, Los Angeles, California 1965-67
Owner: Melendy Art Galleries – Carmel and Los Angeles, California; Arizona 1963-66

University of British Columbia
General Council and Register of Herbalists, UK
Herbalist, School of Natural Healing, London, Dr. John Raymond Christopher
Master Herbalist, School of Natural Healing, Utah, Dr. John Raymond Christopher 
3 HO Foundation, Yoga Teacher Training: Yogi Bhajan, California & Arizona
Polarity Institute, Orcas Island, Washington, USA American Polarity Therapy Association APTA
New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics Massage Therapist NMSNT
Medicinal Essential Oils, Young Living, Utah Raindrop and Auricular Therapy
Spiritual Iridology Time Risk Training, Venice, Italy
Matrix Group Training, Crestone, Colorado
Wigmore Living Foods Teacher Training, Puerto Rico
Advanced Training: Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Raymond Christopher, Dorothy Hall, Harri Wolf, Denny Johnson, Willy Hauser, Dr. Danielle Lo Rito
Esalen Massage and Gestalt Studies, Los Angeles, USA
Therapeutic European Massage and Facialist training, Los Angeles, USA

International Seminar Leader
Tao Garden Group Retreats 2018, 2020
Body Mind Retreat Center, Ithaca, New York – 4 Seminars
Hippocrates Wigmore Center Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Bangalore, India – 2 Seminars
Sandhill School of the Healing Arts, Wisconsin, USA
Iridology & Natural Medicine Training, Reykjavik, Iceland – 6 Seminars
HealthMaster Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
Advanced Extended Immersion Trainings Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico – 10 Advanced Retreats
Capilano Native American Nation – Vancouver, Canada
Transformational Iridology Training, Regent’s College – London, England
Natural Harmony Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 3 Seminars
Iridology & Natural Medicine Training, University, Kuala Lumpur – 4 Seminars
Bangkok, Thailand – Extended Multiple Seminars 2003 - 2004
Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado – 2003
The Herbal Path, Algarve, Portugal 2018 – Iridology & Naturopathy Elements of life
London Seminars 1980's, 2018, 2021

Spa Staff Trainings
Training and Advanced Retreats in Healing Spa Locations: Rasayana Retreat, Bangkok, Thailand
Chiva Som, Hua Hin, Thailand – 2 trainings
Private Island, Palawan, Philippines – 3 trainings
Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico – 11 trainings
Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Bangalore, India – 5 trainings
Canyon Health & Beauty Spa, Palm Springs, California – Women's Spa Manager 2 years
Rainbow Island Healing Center, California – 1 Summer Season –
Hippocrates Spa

Director / Organizer
International Conferences, Cambridge, England 1980’s
Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC Iridologist – 1 Seminar
Dr. Raymond Christopher, School of Natural Healing – 1 Seminar
School of Natural Medicine Herbalist Training, D Christopher USA – 1 Seminar
Harri Wolf, Homeopath and Iridologist USA (1 seminar)
Dorothy Hall, Herbalist, Homeopath and Iridologist, Australia – 2 Seminars
Willy Hauser, Heilpraktiker, Germany – 3 Seminars
Denny Johnson, Rayid Model, USA – 1 Seminar

Speaker at Conferences, Events and Expos
IIPA Conference Key Note Speaker Orlando, Florida
International Jensen Expo, California, Key Note Speaker, USA May 2002
American College of Iridology Key Note Speaker, October 2002
Integrated Iridology Conference, Sydney, Australia March 2001
Conscious Living Expo, Perth, Australia 1994
Natural Products Expo, Baltimore, USA 1994
Wilcox Hospital, Kaui, Hawaii
Television Lecture Rotary Club, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand
Alternative Medicine Exhibition in London, UK 1980's Multiple years Alternative Practitioners Expo – London, England 1980's Multiple years

Published Articles
Spa Asia – Iridology and Chakras, Elements articles 2004
Healing Path – Iridology, Chakras, Essential Oils articles 2003, 2004
Eyeology Review:
Spiritual Iridology; Time Risk and Evocative Emotional Therapy; Conference
Report – Mystic Movement & Iridology; Conference Report – Cincinnati
APTA Review – Iridology & Natural Medicine article – 1996
Iceland – Magazines, newspapers multiple visits over 10 years
South Africa – Johannesberg Articles, features during Iridology Seminar
Delicious Health Magazine 1995
Daily Camera Newspaper, Boulder, Colorado – Articles 1989, 94, 97, 98
Iridology Review USA 1988 – Iridology
London Times – Weekend Supplement 1988 – Iridology Feature
Harpers and Queen – UK
Vogue Magazine - UK
Journal Of Complementary and Alternative Medicine UK – Cover photo and Feature
Psychology of Seeing; Windows to Soul; Iridology /Orthodox Medicine Work Together
Iridology Review 1988 – Iridology
Beyond Science – Iridology – 1985
Alternative and Complementary Therapies USA

South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Iceland, USA – Interviews Sky TV, England
Interview at Sky Studios with Medical Doctor
BBC filming 6 years running - Alternative Medicine Exhibition – London, UK
Friday prime time interviews in Reykjavik – 6 location filming
Perth, Australia – Morning talk show interview
Wellness Show interview in Denver, Colorado USA

Farida Sharan ND Bio

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