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Astrology Gemini Eclipse Confirms 'Lightness of Being'

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Gemini November 2020 Lunar Eclipse helps us regain lost feelings of 'Lightness of Being' as represented by the butterfly psyche soul transition from the materialistic cocoon into a new emerging age." When I named my Online Program 'Lightness of Being' in June from my Gemini sun sign with 5 Gemini planets self, I must have received a connection toward unfolding astrology heralding this new 200-year Air Sign Cycle. Gemini represents the unified communication of information and wisdom and a full 2020 year 1as dedicated to inspired tech transformation into embodied education reality/

Working with Shion Ulrike Buschner in Wales and Lavender Train in Hanoi, Vietnam from the beginning of 2020 awakened me to the depth potential and joy of One to One Mentoring of Evolutionary Embodied Education. World changes and personal evolution toward simplicity and a minimal lifestyle inspired a quantum leap toward an Online future for the School of Natural Medicine and my lifework.

Seeking, exploring, and imagining how to distill 43 years of educational lifework led to a moment in June when I received an understanding that birthed the words 'Lightness of Being'. A world of global lockdown, financial and travel restrictions, and emotional reactivity inspired the opposite with me. From the moment Lightness of Being illuminated my heart and mind, I mapped a Corona discount for the teachings.

Beautiful numerical patterns 333, 555, 666, 999 appeared in my drafts. I thought, "Well, let's do this and just see what happens," and happen it did! Students enrolled in the Integrated Study Materials Lightness of Being Self Healing Program from early July, each one a treasure of enthusiasm, dedication, and appreciation.

From January 1st, I create 2021 Online Integrated One to One Mentored Programs of Professional and Lifestyle Lightness of Being Evolutionary Embodied Education. Case studies featured on Facebook and blog are a further gift of freely sharing the truth of experience to inspire inquirers with a deeper sense of the potential of this path of truth teachings proved through experience. Heal as You Study! Happy. Healthy. Holy. 2021.

This photo seems perfect to represent Lightness of Being cosmic spark that birthed a new path for the teachings. I will soon share the 2021 Integrated Programs on media and this blog. Thank you Micallef-Browne for your astrology post forwarded to me by a friend that assisted my understanding of Gemini and Air Sign Age of Aquarius shifts. As I do not follow Astrology, your post was almost deleted until I noticed the Gemini influences on the next 200 years. As a Gemini sun sun with many planets in Gemini, I thank you and offer grateful appreciation and respect.