Science of Life Living Proof

Science of Life Living Proof

Ayse Ozkalay, young mother, student and practitioner of natural medicine, smiles beautifully, her black and white hijab surrounding her warm and kind face.

Ayshe Chooses Lightness of Being Advanced Naturopathy Studies

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"Although I found my life purpose, love to teach and help my clients with the importance of nutrition for their health, I realize I need a guide who enlightens my path with light / experience / knowledge.

After seeing the School of Natural Medicine Purehealth website, I asked permission to be Farida's student and get help for my health. I have her Iridology books and after meeting many people who were her students, I always wished to meet her with all my heart. The mentoring Self Healing option along with the full study materials for the Lightness of Being program sounds good for me as I wish to be educated and inspired by Farida.

I was so happy to receive a confirmation to begin my studies as I am ready to start my journey. My astrological map shows I will have a guide in my life who will make a massive change in me and I have a feeling that guide is 'you'. Please let me know the path I should follow."

Ayshe Ozkalay is Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, with a post-graduate Iridology courses with Peter Jackson, a former student with Farida in the 1980s in Cambridge. Formerly from Turkey, she now lives in London with her husband and three children and practices remotely, using foods as medicine.

Ayshe's enthusiasm manifests with a willingness to explore the practice of embodying the teachings at advanced levels to enhance her personal life and professional career. Students and graduates, give a warm welcome to Ayshe.

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