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Joanna glows a beautiful smile from a background of her rose warm magical paintings.

Mother Enrolls to Protect Sons & Help Others

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"As I am reading your 'Dance with Cancer' book, I am crying as I'm writing because it is all so familiar with how I am feeling. I believe with my whole being that this study is my destiny. My dream is to create a healing business, follow my bliss and passion, and heal myself spiritually and mentally for myself, my family, and for everyone.

Hello beautiful souls! I'm so excited to be here learning about the Iris with all its intricate layers!!! I recently lost my job due to not wearing a mask. I have never felt so free as I stepped out of the matrix and am excited to step on this path of healing myself and others!

In California, I worked with special needs children as a teacher's aid, a very satisfying job. After work. I would head to the beach before driving home. I eventually moved out of my grandparents' house to live alone in the mountains without the internet or TV, just a home phone. I painted, hiked, and explored life! Then along came someone I now call 'the great learning experience.' I was 23 and he was 20, and two months later we were married.

We moved east, leaving everything I knew behind. When my husband decided he did not want to live a family life, my destiny as a single mother brought me to healing and raising my two beautiful boys in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

As an artist, I love to paint and garden. I took courses on shamanism, herbalism, Reiki, yoga, and now Iridology as a part of the Naturopathy Online Courses. Watching documentaries on GMOs set me on a path to learn more about health industries. Discovering essential oils changed my chemistry, as I became repulsed by the smell of chemical products like detergents.

I want to protect my sons in a world full of EMFs, chemically processed GMO foods, fluoride water, etc... it's been a learning experience of how poisoned we are as a society! Self-responsibility sits deep within me." -Joanna Lee Chamberlain

Joanna's love of the healing arts towards a path of embodied professional study activated her decision to enroll in the 2020 Study Materials and Lightness of Being grounds . 'Dance With Cancer'is is a story of my self-healing available by request through the contact form on the school website as a gift online book.