Elspeth Taimre ND

Elspeth Taimre ND Elspeth Taimre completed Diplomas in Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy with Farida Sharan ND in the School of Natural Medicine 1984-1988 in Cambridge, England.

“After moving to Australia, In the early 1990’s, I brought Farida three times to Perth, Australia to teach advanced courses in Naturopathy Herbal Medicine and Iridology. She was featured on television and radio and also gave talks in health conferences in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.”

“I am forever grateful to my primary teacher, mentor and radiant example of health and wholeness, Dr Farida Sharan. Thank you, Farida, for pointing the way with such love and dedication.”

Elspeth Taimre ND“I have been in clinical practice for over 13 years, and have lectured to students of Nutrition and Iridology for 7 years. I’m passionate about sharing the simple truths that have been such a blessing to my family, students and clients. Time and again I have witnessed the healing power of naturopathy, herbal medicine, essential oils and flower essences, and the transformative capacity of purification programs.

“In 2004 I founded Indigo Bean, School of Living Health, with friend and colleague Susan Sadler, to teach classes in nutrition, healthy food preparation, living food and detoxification.

Elspeth Taimre ND“The first changes I made in my own Self Healing process were dietary, including more fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting out processed foods, and using vegetarian proteins instead of meat. My energy was better and I felt lighter and clearer and my eyes looked brighter, I had endless energy, and no longer wanted to eat and drink the processed, salty, sugary foods that I had eaten before. I gave up coffee, sugar and alcohol, exercised more, drank more water, discovered herbal teas, and continued to experiment with colourful and vibrant juices made from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I felt amazed and inspired as the tides of regeneration and healing surfaced as I knew I was experiencing the healing power of Nature as my body replaced the old with the new with awesome intelligence. As my body healed,

“I used vibrational homeopathic medicine with the Bach Flower Remedies to help clear emotional resistances, and discovered the immense power of focus and intent. Practices such as yoga and meditation have become a part of my daily life.

“The experience of raising two children while completing formal education in Natural Medicine provided me with many opportunities to put into practice the principles of natural health and healing that I was studying. My children are now 21 and 17, and neither have ever needed to see a doctor for medical treatment. I have had many opportunities to be grateful for the preventative power of a natural diet high in living foods, and for the healing capacity of herbs, good nutrition, rest, exercise.”  Elspeth Taimre, School of Natural Medicine Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Bibra Lake, near Perth, Australia. Check out Elspeth’s website and her youtube video!

In 2004 Elspeth and I took at Chi Nei Tsang Training at Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second photo was take at the Loy Krathong celebrations.

The Newsletter shares the first Naturopathy training January 1994.

http://heartstarherbs.com/      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsX3-PG2QIo



BETTY SUE O'BRIAN NDBetty Sue O’Brian ND, Graduate of the School of Natural medicine and past president of the International Iridology Association, is speaking on “Iridology, the Chakras and the Endocrine System” at the first Asian/Sri Lankan Iridology Congress to be held on April 22-23 in Columbo, Sri Lanka.

Betty Sue O’Brian ND graduated from the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado in the 1990’s, crowning her Online, Self Healing, Summer School and Clinical Training studies with the 2 week Naturopathy Immersion at the Wigmore Institute to experience the wheatgrass, rejuvelac and living foods detox and rejuvenation program along with Farida Sharan’s advanced Naturopathy teachings enhanced by Mystic Yoga.

Betty says, “After the conference, we will be honoured with a 4 day tour of their island country, getting to see elephants in the wild and waterfalls that tumble into the ocean. I plan to shop for tea and silk and visit with an Ayurvedic physician.”


“My husband and many others here in Mississippi think I am a bit crazy because I’m going ‘over there’ but when haven’t they thought me crazy?  When I went to Colorado for Summer School in the 1990’s to study with you everyone thought it was a bit ‘out there’ too… ha…you are such an inspiration!

“I was just looking in your big first turquoise Iridology – A Complete Guide book from the 90’s …what a great book! and that led of course to the final updated publications with the beautiful covers offered today on amazon. I don’t know how, except for the grace of God, you have done it all…kudos! I am, affectionally yours,” Betty Sue O’Brian, ND, MS, CII

After working with Betty’s sister at Betty’s request for 3 months with a Self Healing Module in preparation to join us for the Naturopathy Immersion as she was suffering from Pancreatitis and facing termination from her academic position, her sister experienced complete healing and returned to work through to her retirement. Interestingly enough even though her healing saved the Insurance Company large sums for medical treatment they would not pay her for her stay at Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico or her Self Healing program.

“I share my own Chakras Elements & Emotions Iridology Chart created in 1988 in Gold Hills, Colorado.” Farida


Naturopath Students Embody Teachings

Naturopath students embody teachings as living examples.

Spain April 2017 advanced Naturopathy Immersion.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsBrian Sholette, middle school science teacher, from Aurora, Colorado, envisions healing arts close to nature. Master Herbalist graduation!

Carla Calderon Oracu, Costa Rica raw food enthusiast from, grows herbs for foods & products. Carla enters medical studies this autumn.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsJemma Foster, SNM UK, includes auricular acupuncture, herb products, divine dining mamaxanadu  & is excited for Elements Chakras & Emotions processes.

Jennifer Kesic, British Columbia, Canada, attended before destiny gifted marriage & a daughter & graduates in Spain!

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath Students Embody TeachingsJorg Michels. Medical Doctor, Oncologist, Torquay, England, Online Study, Self Healing, Healing Diets, Jorg shares diet inspiration with cancer patients.

Julie Millour, living in Malaga, Spain, former biologist doing cancer research, now a yoga teacher, bodyworker & healing diets student, joins the Immersion.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsMelina Fritzler trained in Boulder, Colorado, accomplished sublime levels of Self Healing & assisted in Essential Oils & Reflexology classes. She graduates!

Miranda Palmer, a Southern belle currently in Florida, poised to graduate, continues Self Healing, assists SNM, creates online herbal products & evolves a healing arts practice.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsSamantha Marshall accomplished Self Healing from a diving embolism. Passion, determination & courage manifests trainings in Boulder, London & Spain. A nature tour guide in the Rocky Mountains, Sam launched a Reflexology practice.

Summer Lawlis’s Self Healing evolving awareness communication skills open advances in her life & work. A graduating Healing Diets Counsellor, Summer shares skills in her Colorado mountain community. Summer immediately enrolled, the first, for the Spain Immersion.

Naturopath students enroll in Online Course(s) and Self Healing with personal mentoring with Farida Sharan to prepare to attend Immersions if and when an embodiment training enhances depth experiential Self Healing embodiment teachings to become living examples and inspiration for seekers of health, wellness and healing

Graduate Master Iridologist

Graduate Master IridologistGraduate Master Iridologist, John Tindall, attended the School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge, England in the 1980’s. A West Middlesex University Hospital trained physiotherapist, he wanted to integrate alternative and complementary medicine into his hospital physiotherapy practice in the British National Health System. He proved a radiant enthusiastic student ready to embrace and share his self healing experience and new skills of diet, herbs, iridology and reflexology.

With a passion to experience further modalities, John Tindall went on to study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to add to the foundation. He developed a program for drug, alcohol and HIV at Lincoln Clinic, South Bronx USA and Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Continuous postgraduate studies in China and USA led to developing the Natural Health Care Service for Lambeth Community Care NHS Trust.

On his return to the UK he pioneered this unique healthcare approach and trained practitioners in the UK and in many countries throughout the world. He worked at the Gateway Clinic in London and served as Chairperson for the National Acupuncture Auricular Association for 12 years.

In 2000 he set up the Yuan Clinic and Traditional Medicine College where he now works as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and auricular acupuncture trainer. John is actively engaged in developing and refining treatment strategies in Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, substance misuse and cancer. He is advisor to several groups across the world and has treated over 1500 people with hepatitis C.

Since a young age John has had a strong interest in Qi Gong and continued his studies with indigenous healers in Bali and South America. He conducts regular workshops and healing retreats, lives in Spain and continues to see clients monthly at the Yuan Clinic in the UK.

John contributes Acupuncture and Qi Gong expertise to  Visionhealth.

http://www.healthdvds.co.uk/experts_jt.htm  (videos of chi kung for diabetes, arthritis and asthmas



John Tindall  “Acupressure for Common Ailments”

Yuan Centre, Atlasta Hall, Colwood Gardens, Colliers Wood, LondonSW19 2DT
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8542 9470
Email: yuantmc@btconnect.com

Naturopathy Clinical Training



With Farida Sharan in Torremolinos, Spain


Naturopathy Clinical Training

April 24th to 29th 2017

Monday April 24th – Introduction processes & Group Dinner

Tuesday April 25th 9am – Earth Element – Transform Roots of Fear Into Flowers of Courage

Elemental Self Healing Process enhances Reflexology & Essential Oils skills.

Wednesday April 26th 12 noon – Water Element – Evolve Depth Feeling Knowing Wisdom

Elemental Self Healing Process enhances Essential Oils Raindrop, Vagus & Auricular skills.

Thursday April 27th 3pm – Fire Element – True Nourishment Transforms Habits & Addictions

Elemental Self Healing Process transforms emotions withHealing Diets & Flower Essences.

Friday – April 28th 12 noon – Air Element –  Transformation, Receiving the Gifts of the Elements

Elemental Self Healing Process Integrates Iridology, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine.

Saturday – April 29th 12 noon – Ether Element – Focusing, Practice & Consultation Skills

Self Healing Elements of Life Processes Integrates the complete system of Natural Medicine:

Iridology, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essence, Self Healing.

Naturopathy Clinical Training

Experience Elemental Evolutionary Self Healing Processes

Increase understanding of the mystery of life & professional skills for work in the healing arts.

Earth, water, air, fire and air, weave our world, our bodies and the nature that sustains us.

Elements of Life Correlate to the Chakras and Physical Body Systems:

Earth skeletal/muscles, Water urinary/reproductive, Fire digestion/energy,

Air nervous/respiratory/circulatory, Ether endocrine/senses.

Elements of Life Resonate with Emotional Passions:

Earth fear to instinct, Water lust to respect, Fire anger to humour,

Air greed to unconditional love, Ether grief to spiritual longing.

Elements of Life Synchronise with Meridians & Toes / Fingers Body Zones:

Earth to little toes & fingers, Water next, Fire middle, Air to pointers, Ether to thumb & large toes.

Elements of Life Influence Taste, Digestion & Emotions:

Earth sweet, Water salty, Fire spicy, Air soul, Ether bitter.

Experience Elements of Life within your unique being for ‘gnosis’ illumination.

Elements of Life accentuate your natural gifts, inherent wisdom & evolution of consciousness.

Sheba Graduates Reflexology

Sheba Graduates Reflexology

Sheba graduates Reflexology with compassionate effective case studies and shares:

“I want to share my love for you and the School of Natural Medicine teachings that changed my life!

My life and the people I touch will forever be changed because of you, Farida, and the School of Natural Medicine trainings. I feel so much life energy when I help others and see their faces light up because they learned something new.

Thank you, Farida, for an opportunity of a lifetime to help me discover who I really am. Your teachings will forever be remembered and cherished!”

As an advanced Reflexology & Natural Medicine student, Sheba began her practice by sharing Reflexology and Essential Oils sessions at a Senior Health Expo given in Rockford, Illinois, by LifeScape. She gave free 5 to 10 minute Reflexology sessions that began waves of excitement for many who never even knew Reflexology existed!

Sheba Graduates ReflexologySheba says, “I was busy from 9 am to 3pm with lines of of 4 or 5 waiting 20 to 30 minutes. I did not take a break or care to because I saw how eager the people were to learn about it. Chuck Jefferson, a previous Illinois State House Representative stopped by my table twice. I asked him when would he like a session and he complimented, “You’re always too busy.”

One of my teachers Sue Michaelsen, who taught Tai Chi, Chi Hung Jin Shin Do and massage for 30 years, after receiving a private session from me, asked me to share her appreciation, “Farida is an amazing teacher!”

Sheba Graduates ReflexologyI used to live in fear because people thought what I was studying was crazy because no one knows what Reflexology where I live near Chicago. Now I understand it is part of my calling to educate those who want to know, and help change the world by starting with my community. Each year I see a difference. The only challenge I had in the past was allowing others opinions or negative thoughts to enter my spirit, but not any more.

My daughter says that I am the best doctor in the world. She watches everything & wants to help all the time. She loves the teas I make for her and notices the healthy changes for our family. She loves being the only vegetarian at her school!”

Love always,” Sheba Gardner graduates Reflexology with compassionate effective case histories from her clients.

Sheba attended classes in Reflexology, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Iridology and Healing Diets, and now has a significant career position for her healing talents, and plans to continue to further graduations now that her daughter is older.

Reflexology is a divine practice of holy feet, sole to soul, that enhances life, energy, positivity and healing. It is a joy to teach and share Reflexology.

Study this profound approach to touch with Reflexology, and Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy, Vagus Nerve & Auricular in Immersions. Check out the posts on the right margin of the School News blog for more information on our touch trainings.

Acne Skin Care

Acne Skin CareAcne Skin Care Naturally Online with Jessica Gremley, Colorado Aesthetician and a 2015 Healing Diets Graduate who creatively evolved an Online Acne Skin Care program and new product line, Clove Hill.

Jessica shares: “Hi Farida, I have my first Skincare Product under my brand name, Clove Hill, launching in the next few weeks as well. Clove Hill will include skincare, SPF and herbs to start with but will expand into haircare and possible make-up down the road.

All the products under the Clove Hill name are Acne Safe Products and part of the 16-week Acne Clear virtual healing program I offer to clear acne. 

Acne Skin CareI just received proofs of the branding/packaging for the acne Herbal Formulas and will be bottling them with Heidi (School of Natural Medicine International Graduate & Herbal Medicine Teacher past 16 years) in the next few weeks. Very exciting!

My husband Michael is now working with me as we envision becoming a nationally recognized brand in the next few years. We recently took on more office space and are hiring coaches in our call center to work with clients virtually.  

Michael will focus on marketing as we are excited for more people to find our website so we can help as many as possible to get clear.

I continue to use what you have taught me every day of life and share that with others:) Big Hugs from  Jessica Gremley, Healing Diets graduate and advanced Naturopathy student who evolved from an aesthetician into a creative natural products brand. Jessi experiencing the Air Element in the Chakras, Elements & Emotions Naturopathy embodiment healing process training in the School of Natural Medicine evolutionary education teachings.

Acne Skin CareAcne and skin conditions always clear during Self Healing, some sooner than others. Refer to recent post on Ana for good example. Progress happens in waves during and after studies, opportunities appear, ideas emerge, students find their own creative path.

Previous note of appreciation before the idea of online and produce line appeared:

“Hi Farida, I feel the excitement and growth of the school very strongly:) I moved into my new office and it is really great. It feels right to be in a professional medical environment. I am working with a wellness physician who was just featured on Morgan Sperlock’s new show on CNN “How to Live Forever.” Lots of cutting edge technology happening at my new clinic with stem cell storage, chelation therapy, PRP therapy and a whole room of vitamin IV injections!” With Love, Jessi

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets Report

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets ReportSaudi Arabia Healing Diets Report from advanced Naturopathy student,Lamia Mudarres, a 19 year old student from 2010 who continues creative professional and personal abundance in 2016 with profound Self Healing achievement.

“Farida, I miss the school very much. I started my own business called PUREArabella and have a committed regular Yoga practice.’

saudi-arabia-healing-dietsSaudi Arabians love to shop so by going with them to the supermarket I help them choose healthy foods, then I show them how to store and prepare delicious meals in their own home.

I find it difficult to convince people to change without giving them the proper tools. They start off excited but once they get back home, their old habits creep in. At your school everything was shown to us and we practiced with physical demonstrations not just verbal ones, so that is what I do now.

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets ReportSaudi Arabia is developing and becoming much more accepting. However anything ‘healthy’ is prepared for them. We now have businesses that sell homemade Saudi healthy organic snacks or vegetarian meal plans that people simply ‘buy.’ It is a great start because in Saudi most people want to buy their health and not have to work for it, so as soon as an organic product hits the shelves, everyone buys it out and wants a nice pat on the back for making healthier life choices.

Farida, you taught us as individuals how and what to change about our previous lifestyle choices. I plan to teach people how to be ‘Independently Healthy’ like the School of Natural Medicine’s infamous slogan!

My ‘Coun-SELLING’ program teaches them how to shop for their health, one buck at a time. Much much love from the purest Arabella to the purest most loving teacher! Love you.Lamia, Purest-Arabella”



The profound aspect of Lamia’s transit over 3 years through the school Immersions was her transformation with the Self Healing Module embodiment of the teachings which amounts to 1/3 of the Naturopathy study. Lamia achieved a dedicated effort with nutrients, nutrition, self naturopathy treatments and more that manifested in the loss of nearly 85 pounds as she emerged with a practice in a professional clinic with ADD children and now her own Healing Diets practice and business. Congratulations. We love you Lamia

Photos, before and after, in the school kitchen, and holding her Iridology Iris Mandala which  took the wonderful humorous shape of an owl! Lamia loves to create and has published children’s books.

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets Report

Life Transformation

life-transformation Life Transformation of a new student to a healthy, creative, abundant professional is the path of Naturopathy embodied with the deep work of dynamic interactive Self Healing mentoring in classes.

Ana entered the school at 19 years, seeking health, strength and purpose. After over a year and a half attending classes and devoting herself to Self Healing practices, she emerged creatively into her own life. Check out ElevatedHarmony

life-transformationBefore and after photos reveal the transformation into confidence and enjoyment of the goodness of life with her twin sister, friends, festivals, making a living through creative enterprises and radiating the beauty that was always her highest potential.

life-transformationShe chose the full Naturopathy program against the wishes of family who wanted the traditional college experience, and yet her health was not up to that challenge. Instead, the gentle, personal small groups supported her emergence though physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. Toward the end of her studies, her father called me to thank me and praised Ana’s progress.

life-transformationAs she evolved, dance became an expression of freedom and joy, together with jewelled adornment, as well natural medicine essential oils reflexology, raindrop spinal therapy, Iridology and more. She continues to evolve as a bodyworker.

Fascinating that her first Mind Map was a glorious drawing of a Madonna that arrived as a gift of a painting some years later, as though the seed of potential lies within, and needs only to be nourished by loving care and personal effort.

Ana celebrates the truth of the teachings and the integrity of the school with her celebration of LIFE!




Mentoring Connection

Mentoring connection is a major focus of teacher/student participation in Online Courses and Immersions in the School of Natural Medicine and a unique relationship students co-create with their teachers during Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Mentoring connection mirrors the priority of quality of relationships between inquirers, teachers, students and graduates in the School of Natural Medicine International.with conversations that require honesty, deep listening and sharing with dynamic discussions, questioning and processing within a container of mutual safety and respect. 

Mentoring Connection - Amy Spadafora ThompsonGRADUATE VISITS: Whenever travels take me places where students and graduates live, it is my joy to visit, converse, support and enjoy deep friendship connections that evolve during studies.
SOUTH CAROLINA: Amy Spadafora Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, mother of a 4 year old, teacher at her local Montessori school creating gardens with the students, enjoying her own tea company creation Harmonic Infusions and her growing practice. Creating smoothies, making liver cleanse drinks and talking about the realities of life and healing is rich in many dimensions of connection. Such a happiness to share her personal evolution as a true and wonderful, loving human being, wife, mother, friend, teacher and so much more.
Mentoring Connection - Jennifer KesicVANCOUVER, CANADA: Jennifer studied first in Vancouver six years ago then made 3 trips to Colorado to attend all her classes before slowing down studies to embrace life as wife and mother of the beautiful Seraphina. Now working on completion of assignments and case studies, Jennifer prepares for the final Clinical Training Retreat to graduate as Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist and with the UK Diploma of Natural Physician. We enjoyed hours of deep conversation over a vegan lunch at Dharma Cafe near where I lived when I was going to high school in Vancouver.

A mentoring relationship develops over time as it evolves into a supportive professional friendship that endures past graduation and completion of studies.

Whether in a class, on email, Skype of phone, with all one-on-one conversations, mentoring develops communication capabilities essential for success in practice or teaching.

Mentoring relationships create connection in a culture of disconnection. Students are instructed and encouraged to develop language skills, extend vocabulary and learn to describe a world of interior process to inspire others toward their highest potential. 

Mentoring also supports students toward being part of a network of evolved conscious graduates skilled to lovingly communicate with each other and seekers of health, wellness and healing to make a difference in this world. They know their work contributes to the great unfolding of positive service at a time of great need.

Students and graduates visit, email and telephone years after graduation to discuss, ask questions and share good news of their personal evolution, self healing and professional accomplishments as mentoring creates depth relationships that endure over time.