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India Natural Physician Online Student

India Natural Physician Online Student India Natural Physician Online Student, Katarina Jalali, from Mumbai, flew to Delhi in December to enjoy a visit with her mentor, Farida Sharan, Naturopath.

Katarina picked me up where I was staying at the lovely guesthouse, Ahuja Residency in Golf Links, although her driver had a bit of a time finding the entrance to that exclusive hidden garden enclave in the Delhi embassy district near Lodhi Gardens.

First stop was the famous Khan Market, one of the highest rents in the world, and celebrated for quirky boutiques and every thing you might ever want to find, like bookstores, hardware stores, household necessities, sunglasses, stationary, banks, cafes, beauty parlors and so much more.

India Natural Physician Online StudentI visited the new boutique, Ruwaa, where their fashions are “…dedicated to every woman for her strength, love, courage and dignity.” and couldn’t resist two lovely light silk dresses, the draped pants to accompany them as well as two scarves, one silver light grey and the other, teal. It is rare for me to purchase Indian style clothes, but these fashions had the extra style in the spring line to give shape and flow.

India Natural Physician Online StudentNext was a visit to Cafe Turtle where we enjoyed Pomegranate mixed with Pineapple juice and I resisted my usual treat of vegan blueberry cheesecake, as, after browsing the bookstore and purchasing The Pearl That Broke the Shell and Mukakami – Absolutely On Music – Ozawa, we were heading next to the The Claridges Hotel garden for lunch. After long talks, a Greek salad a la India style, pineapple juice for me and orange juice for Katarina, she headed for the airport and I returned to Ahuja for a quiet evening before flying to England the next day.

Katarina raises her 4 year old daughter and cares for her husband with organic natural vegan foods, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle approach to living. Her husband is a medical doctor, an oncologist, one who learns the latest technologies at conferences around the world, and he already has welcomed Katarina to patient counselling sessions.

“Dear Farida, It was so lovely to meet you in person and spend this nice and sunny afternoon in Delhi with you. Thank you for taking the time!  You are truly an inspiration for me and I am very proud to be your student. With Love and Gratitude, Katarina”

Online Student Australia

online-student-australia-gloria-lockyerOnline Student Australia News – Gloria Lockyer, Naturopathy & Natural Physician Online student passionately bridging aborigine & western medicine.

I know what I want to do as a 47 year old woman. I have attached a brochure to show my goals to reach from my studies.  I want to help blend Aboriginal traditional healing with Naturopathy. It feels I am here to help reinvigorate our women’s ceremonies and traditions in our society today by awakening others by going and doing Law Camps with the elders before it too late.

At the moment because I am in the mentored trainee and up-skilling to qualified phase of the practice, I do not yet produce income from Naturopathy, therefore I am seeking funding  to reach the goal of publishing a book and resource kit for the Aboriginal Womens Groups.

Am leaving Wednesday on a Law and Culture Camp with some ladies who live traditional ways. I’ve heard they make medicines and are practicing their craft. So excited to meet them can’t wait to see what they are doing. This is open to everyone.

online-student-australia-gloria-lockyer-brochure.I got bitten by something last year near Christmas. It felt like a sharp needle stabbing deep into my leg. I seen the two bite marks but didn’t stop to think and ended up in bed for 2 days thinking it was vertigo.  Anyways came out in rashes all over my body except face for months. So in March I went to the doctor and she said it looked like a Redback snakebite and prescribed me antibiotics and steroid creams.  The antibiotics made me vomit and gave me runs and I feel sick.  So ended up using Echinacea tincture and made up a rub of nettle, celandine, lavender and honey.  Got scared but believed in the herbs and it is clearing up.  My arms have cleared right up. I used lavender oil to stop itching so I could go to sleep. And I have made a Passion Flower tincture with a few drops of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to make sure the mind gets rest.  So all I am learning is being put into use daily.

Here are my goals:

  • Currently mentored training programs in Naturopathic Healing with School of Natural Medicine & Australasian College of Natural Therapy for my Naturopathic Practice
  • Engaged with local Kimberley and Pilbara women in a working group to develop a book and resource kit for use in the community.
  • Participating in bush harvesting with local Aboriginal women here in Kimberley and attending Culture and Law Camp with Kapululangu Culture and Law Centre in Balgo
  • Naturopathic practice Biwa Healer (up-skilling with Iridology, Herbal and Nutritional medicines to higher standard of practice with Aromatherapy, Reiki, Massage & client natural health plans)

online-student-australia-athameI want to share what I found out about my English heritage.  My family come from Clutton in Somerset and had been living there since 1200 apparently near St Michael Tower and Chalice Wells. I have a profound love for that place and not sure why, but I had drawn a pic of a white iris with rhizome to be carved onto my wood athame. The circle is the full moon and the flower is the one that resides in the Chalice Well garden. It is on my brochure as I immediately fell in love with this flower. When I found a pic on internet and put it up to the one I drew, I found they matched! I am now on a global search for some seeds or rhizome.

Thank you Farida. I feel very privileged to have you as my mentor. I know what you mean about overcoming a lot in life. I take your words and keep them and use them when am feeling like I think I want to give up. The way you write with the analogies is quite poetic at times. The more I read the more I see how much work and knowledge is there. I so admire your professional achievements. I know that I have lots to learn.

Talk soon peace, light and love Gloria Lockyer, Australia, Naturopathy & Natural Physician Online Student


Kilamanjaro Ascent

kilamanjaro-ascent-lisa-mansurKilamanjaro ascent in Tanzania, is one of Lisa Jody Manser, a Natural Physician student’s, recent achievements, and just one of her goals.

An experienced and valuable spa manager, Lisa recently created the new Javvu Spa, at the fabulous Amilla Fushi resort in the Maldives!

Lisa enrolled in the Online Courses and attended the Natural Physician Immersion in Cambridge UK as well as the USA Herbal Medicine Immersion in Boulder, Colorado in 2014. In 2015, she attends her second Natural Physician Immersion, and is well on her way to achieving her Natural Physician Diploma with her Online Courses, Self Healing Module and case studies.

Congratulations Lisa on creating beauty in this world and offering health and healing to its peoples! We are thrilled to have you as a School of Natural Medicine student, and soon to be an honored graduate. Lisa, you are an inspiration to everyone. Your passion and energy is a joy for others to share.

kilamanjaro-ascent-mayenJane-trust-childrenKilamanjaro ascent was in honor of Swaziland’s MayenJane Project as a great way of raising funds for the orphans and children in need of housing and care.

Lisa says” “We are doing it for the orphans of Swaziland. I’m happy for you to go to the MayanJane website to contribute your Gift Aid.”

Kilamanjaro ascent for MayenJane Children’s Home, Swaziland. Building Homes & Changing Lives.

“Here at MayenJane Trust, our aim is to provide loving and caring homes for Swaziland orphans and vulnerable children in need. The main focus is to raise funds to build children’s homes, providing a place to live and an opportunity for young lives to begin again. We hope to give these children, predominately orphans, a chance of a future, health and happiness.


Javvu Spa at Amilla Fushi Resort, Maldives

Swaziland currently has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. The devastating effects of this pandemic are often experienced in circumstances of extreme poverty.

MayenJane Trust welcomes all support as it is through the generosity and inspiration of others that these children’s lives can be changed.

A recent fantastic idea has come from a youth group and a pre-school who have suggested ‘Twinning or linking’ with MayenJane children by exchanging letters and photos.

MayenJane Trust is grateful to the generous individuals and many community groups who have come up with great fund raising events and ideas. Whatever money or support you can give, your gift will be helping change lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas or comments by emailing us on or simply click the donate button on our website.


Appreciation notes, cards and emails inspire teachers and staff to continue to give their best to offer students Self-Healing evolutionary education!

Iridology Diploma student reports: “I have learned so much about myself and Natural Medicine since I started studying at the school. When I look back, I realize I was in the perfect place to learn. I have been applying everything I have learned to my own life and analyzed hundreds of irises and noticed the most amazing patterns. Always, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations of a constitutional type match the life and being of the person. I am beyond fascinated. I deeply believe in the Faridian Constitutions and I cannot wait to learn more. Please also let me know if there is anything I can do to serve the school. I am focused on completing the Iridology Diploma requirements. Lot of love and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!” Dani Espinosa, Denver, Colorado *******

Online student reports: These studies are not just informative, but life altering & transforming. I would love to attend a class. In the meantime the online course lights my fire and motivates me to pursue this further.  Hope all finds you and Bonny well. Thank you,” Brittany Lupori, Denver, Colorado *******

Saudi Arabia graduate reports: “Your e-mail gave me positive reinforcement and confidence, as I tend to keep my growth and thoughts to my self most of the time. I miss that the most from being at the School of Natural Medicine. After I received your e-mail I began to think of how I can share Healing Diets with others. I thought something fun and not so intimidating could be teaching a cooking class. I have been hiking recently because the weather is so nice, and the group I go with is planning to have an outdoor desert cook-off & I thought it would be hilariously fun to have a healthy vegetarian BBQ. I might just impress the judges.

I know I always have you as my other mother 🙂 A *Fairy God-Mother* with lots of silver fairy dust that sprinkles with love.

I love you so much and realize when I am away from you and the school how much it has shaped me to be the person I am today, I am so fortunate that I started at a young age where I was able to mold and reform myself into this sculpture of example. God has made all these opportunities for me possible and chose you to be in my path and my one wish is to lead by example… being a good person and a good naturopath.  With Love Lamia XoXoXoXo Saudi Arabia *******

Inquirer reports after personal interviews, “Farida, You definitely care about your students and their journey’s path to fulfilling their purpose. but the Universe always lets me know so I take notice. My plans are to attend much more than 1 class. I cannot wait to feel the energy of the class and meet up with like-minded people on a similar journey. Your passion and teaching methods make my soul smile and gives me the feeling that I am at the right place.” Carmen, Las Vegas, Nevada, moving to Boulder *******

New Healing Diets Online Student reports: “THANK YOU!!! School of Natural Medicine is my school now, yay! I do feel so blessed. I love reading your School News Blog posts online on the website, really inspiring!” Xo Christina De Luna, Canada en route to live in New Zealand *******

“Feeling inspired!   I’ve been using Clematis flower essence on my body. I have been reading about the Bach Flower Body Maps & am so excited to try out flower essences in this way to support my getting out of my personal fantasy land and facing some negative thought patterns. Also doing Self Care on this final stretch of the year to end it with a bang… a whole other side to my Self Healing. I keep pulling the sun in my tarots readings. The light surrounds me! Safe travels and many and many smiles. Much Love,” Radha Shivagiri, Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado *******

Review: The Old Man & His Soul – by Farida Sharan – “As soon as I got home I dove into The Old Man and His Soul. You write superbly and your deep wisdom shines through all the pages. I was on the phone this morning with my best friend raving about the book. I sent a review to Amazon too. The Old Man and His Soul is fascinating in that it shows us spiritual India from an Indian’s point of view. Your book shows how much we all need to release in preparation for death and beyond. I love this quote, “The babies looked at him with concentration, with a knowing light that connected the old man to a greater soul love. He contemplated the unknown place of soul crossings, where the newborn enter into this world as the dying depart….” Later, as he walks through a forest with wild beasts, he prays to God to lift his fears. “If I am to journey in life, I must accept that death may come at any moment.” The book is absolutely stunning. We need more writing like this.” Jane Humphries, Joshua Tree, California *******

Naturopathy student reports, “Dear Teacher…I am safely home, many reflections to share later….wow, thank you again for a lovely and transforming weekend, I so appreciate your being. I will sign up soon other classes. Love, love, love and have a good night!” Eva Sabet Ramsey, Minnesota *******

Colleague shares: “Know that your work is profound and you are training beautiful young people to help the world heal many unique ways! Sending you healing energy, love and light – as always, your devoted friend,” Madeline Angelis, School of Natural Medicine Colon Care teacher, Boulder, Colorado *******

Graduate shares: “Dear Farida, You are an ongoing inspiration to everyone you meet! Best wishes.” Marjike Vogel, SNM Master Iridologist Graduate, Colon Therapist, London, England *******

“I think of you and the school often and am so grateful for all of the ways my education there has helped me in my life! I continue to grow and nurture myself, and find ways to help others. I have felt better than ever and am working out and feel strong and healthy. I continue to be great friends with students, and I am thankful the school brought us together!” Kristen Samz, Denver Colorado.

Review: Flower Child in the Summer of Love – by Farida Sharan “I felt the global healing between men and women, expressed so beautifully in Flower Child, as we rise to shed power trips and dependence to awaken the masculine/feminine completeness within our androgynous selves. You of all the personages in your book are on the Path of the Great Nostalgia, weaving through the lives of those living the Small Nostalgia and those playing with their hoops, parading on the broad street of Life/Death. Thank you for being so honest and putting it out there. I tripped with you and your gorgeous pure children through every page. It was a healing experience of completion in that phase of my life.” Love Jane Humphries, Joshua Tree, California *******

Graduate Success Self Healing Journey from Student to Graduate and from Anorexia to TriAthlete to Mother of 7 children!

Anorexia is a condition that few understand as Self Healing needs to be connected to the uniquely personal conversation each anorexic sufferer has with themselves about nourishment. However the natural treatments of mind body spirit we use at the School of Natural Medicine support healing wherever it is welcomed and practiced. The results speak for themselves. Healing is personal evolution and profound growth. Jaala entered the school weighing under 80 pounds and blossomed into a triathlete and mother who raises her abundant family vegan. The truth Jaala learned, practiced, lived and shared is the wisdom blessing received from respect for integration of body mind spirit into harmonious consciousness. Jaala received the teachings and made them real in her life, her family and her work.

Jaala shares her Self Healing from Anorexia: “I have a huge smile on my face to know others might be inspired by my healing journey from anorexia. When I was featured by Women’s Adventure Magazine, I was pregnant with my 7th biological child and she too is wonderful, healthy and a miracle. Farida, my wonderful soul-mother, saw me in the worst of the throws of the disease. During the School of Natural Medicine Summer School, I experienced the Naturopathy Elements of Life movement processes and finally found my personal beauty and strength to fight to pull away from anorexia. I followed your advice and found the strength and ability to go to the Ann Wigmore Institute of Living Foods In Puerto Rico. I then truly healed through Wheatgrass nutrition and wonderful whole living and sprouted foods. The foods helped to clear my mind to know what I needed to do to survive. My now healthy body produced the miracle of seven babies. Thank you Farida, thank you for the insight of all that was good in blessing the temple of my body with amazing whole foods, and thank you to the universe for all it provides.” Jaala Gilman Knowlton, Louisville, Colorado, ND MH Mir School of Natural Medicine Graduate.


teaching-assistants-hayley-porterTeaching Assistants participate in advanced training after their progress has achieved a level suitable for supporting, contributing and inspiring new students.

Teaching Assistants also evolve into a ApprenticeshipTeacher Training Program. The trainings are personally mentored by Farida Sharan, Founder and Director of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

There is no tuition or lab fees for the Teaching Assistant Program. Participants contribute a flow of contribution toward SNM during trainings and School Breaks. They also offer support for classes, media sharing, inspiring and connecting with students by sharing their own personal Self-Healing evolution. In turn, they receive opportunities to advance as practitioners and teachers.

teaching-assistants-reflexology-hayley-porterTeaching Assistants participants are advanced students. Students may apply or be invited to join the Program. Teaching Assistants receive the opportunity to balance numbers in partner classes in Reflexology and Essential Oils. They attend for one day, give and receive sessions, at no cost for advanced training.

Hayley Porter, Naturopathy student, has graduated already as Certified Reflexologist, Essential Oils Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner & Healing Diets Counsellor. She has a gift and a longing to develop as a teacher of the Healing Arts. Presently she is being mentored as a Teaching Assistant in Master Touch Reflexology trainings and Healing Diets trainings. Hayley shares:

As a Teaching Assistant at the recent Healing Diets II training, I feel humbly reassured of my path and my purpose.

In my community, I can easily get swept up and sway and float in directions not in alignment with my highest self.

teaching-assistant-hayley-porterBeing here at the School of Natural Medicine as a Teaching Assistant, nourishes me in so many ways that feels like a gentle breeze that ignites my flame, refills my lotus cup and sends me on my way.

I choose to share and be open with community and I feel strengthened on another deeper level to continue my work.

I know myself. To share in service is my purpose. I must be strong. I am strong. My intuition guides me as I carry the wisdom assimilated in the class. Gratitude.” Hayley Porter LMT, Yoga Teacher, Naturopathy student, Firestone, Colorado

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