Self Healing Self Care is a path of discovery of your own being as you experiment with health choices and observe their positive effects in your daily life. Self Healing Self Care teaches Life Skills that support success in relationships with self and others, achievement of life goals and a meaningful livelihood. Self Healing Self Care leads to an awakening of awareness of the choices that create health, wellness and healing in all aspect of being.


“I am on a spiritual journey with naturopathy and self healing, each study enhanced the other.

Thank you for helping me see the beauty that cannot be explained and must be experienced.”

Anna Lloyd, ND MH MIr

Seek Thyself

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Self Care

Self Care is the beginning of conscious respect for your body, health and being.

An awakening of noticing and experiencing feelings and messages that what you choose to eat and drink, and the day by day life choices you make creates the person you become and the life you live. Choices are cause and effect and so new choices of self care begin a new life.

This awakening inspires a seeking about the purpose of life, goals and the self care required to achieve your dreams.

“From working in a store to founding Divine Herbals and a practice, I learned from THE ultimate wisest herbal warrior woman ever…… Farida Sharan!  Teaching now reminds me of the beautiful and powerful spaces you created as I continue to be inspired by you!”

Shanti Smith ND MH MIr New Zealand

Know Thyself


Self Healing Life Skills

Self Healing begins with willingness to try and experiment with choices to transform habits no longer serving you. Enhance natural gifts and overcome fears, resistances, habits, and wounds holding you back.

Master confident, clear communication that expresses who you are and enhances what you wish to achieve.

Become a student of your own life, body, mind, heart soul. The laboratory of your being gives you understanding through experiencing the teachings.

“Self Healing gifted skills to help myself and others. Small groups with Farida gave time & space to integrate loss of fear with increased communication skills. I feel grounded with renewed confidence, clarity, vitality.”

Amanda McNabb, Colorado

Prepare Thyself


Self Healing Life Learning

Self Healing inspires awareness of life goals with clarity for every  ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with the question, ‘Does this choice take me to my goal.”

Discrimination awareness evolves as Life Skills are applied toward deeper commitments of Life Healing.

Life learning is a practice to make the most from opportunities and face challenges with skill and strength.

“Thank you the blessing teachings, for correcting me and being patient with my language barrier. I’m practicing all you taught me, love always.”

Rosa Cameron ND MH MIr Honduras

Heal Thyself

self healing heal-thyself-life-healing-maggie-knauer

Self Healing Life Healing

Commitment to abundant health begins with the courage to face yourself, the willingness to release past influences and enthusiasm to create harmonious life habits.

Achieve embodiment of the teachings with personal Self Healing experience of the mentored Online Study and prepare for Integrated Immersions.

Maggie’s iris photos reveal the purification, regeneration and transformation of her Self Healing accomplishments.

“I began studies seeking a career after raising my family and graduated with a whole new life and irises that returned to their original blue!”

Maggie Knauer ND MH MIr

Become Thyself

self healing

Self Healing Life Path

Select professional studies to integrate dreams and goals harmoniously with your present life and work. Achieve a respected position in your community to gift the world with work you love.

Embody truth teachings to inspire, educate and guide seekers of health, healing and wellness from an authentic wisdom path.

Integrate experiential evolutionary Online Study with Self Healing in your life and work as you become a living example of the teachings.

“What a gift to receive herbal teachings from you that are embodied with deep connection to plants and scientific understanding.”

Hayley Porter MH HDN MIr LMT 

Live Thyself


Self Healing Life Work

Share the good news of the teachings proved in your own life and body.

Create a vision statement, business name, logo and website. Establish a legal company, banking and accounting with social media, newsletters, advertising and email.

Explore pathways to share your unique work in lectures, workshops, festivals, private practice, clinics and online and with family, friends and community.

“I’m feeling blessed to be a part of important healing work that creates love shifts in the universe. Love you so much and think of you daily.”

Amy Spadafora, ND MH MIr

Love Thyself

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Self Healing Life Purpose

Graduates and students enjoy warm living connections with Farida Sharan, teachers and fellow students and graduates and continued professional guidance, attending immersions as Teaching Assistants, and mentoring during challenges or transitions.

Self Care becomes Self Love with gratitude for the gift of Life with Life Purpose fulfillment on a continuum path toward Life Goals as they enjoy meaningful life work and service toward their highest life purpose.

“I am a different person than when I enrolled. These studies are the only reason I smile is I move forward in my work, practice & understanding.”

Juulia Ilves – Colorado and Estonia

See Thyself

self healing

Self Healing Life Goal

Self Healing ultimately becomes gratitude for the gift of life and respect for the body temple of the living spirit.

Dedication to seeking, learning and healing evolves naturally toward a uniquely personal spiritual connection that nourishes, supports and inspires elevation of heart, mind and spirit.

Kindness, compassion, balance, inner strength and joyful service support the emergence of the awakening soul.

“I am forever grateful to Farida, my teacher, mentor and radiant example of health and wholeness for pointing the way with love and dedication.”

Elspeth Taimre ND MH MIr Australia