- Healing Diets Online Course of 12 Lessons of a total of 540 Pages.
- 7 PDF Books: Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy, Iridology 1986, Iridology Coloring Book. Dictionary of Iridology, Iridology Vol 1, Flower Child, Creative Menopause, Old Man and His Soul.
- Mentored assignment feedback with emails and conversations.
- Educational guidance and support with emails and conversations.


The Healing Diets Online Certificate Course offers a personally guided education that merges depth academic study with experiential assignments and mentored feedback guidance from Farida Sharan ND. 

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Healing Diets

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Lesson One – Water
Research water information and systems, begin a journey, Hado water, fasting, reflexology.

Lesson Two – Fasting
Research juicing and equipments, wheatgrass, green foods, water or ice fast, blended green drinks, juices.

Lesson Three – Cleansing Diets I
Experience a purifying diet and liver and gall bladder cleanse. Research food types. Digestive anatomy.

Lesson Four – Cleansing Diets II
Report on the pancreas and sugar connection. Research chemistry of digestion.

Lesson Five – Transition Diets
Mealtime realities, oil extraction methods, saturated and unsaturated fats, omegas, fatty acid. Meals.

Lesson Six – Building Diets I 
Relationship of 5 elements to your life experience. Element creative projects. Ayurveda dosas. Meals.

Lesson Seven – Building Diets II 
Photosynthesis. Living foods diet. Raw foods. Life force. Fermentation, probiotic rejuvelac, sprouts, seed cheeses, sauerkraut. Diet change emotions. Phytonutrients in the Rainbow Diet.

Lesson Eight – Building Diets III 
Create case history consultation guide. Diet differences and diets for different ages and illnesses. Raw food benefits. Dehydrating foods and dehydrators. Recipes.

Lesson Nine – Superfoods & Food for Beauty
Minerals chart. Vitamins, chart. Anti vitamin and anti nutrients. MSM. Nutritional food content.

Lesson Ten – Food for Beauty & the Vegan Diets
Tissue salts. Diet choices, meat, vegetarian, vegan, Read China Study for dietary causes of disease.

Lesson Eleven – Food and Politics
Explore the realities and effects of GMO. Codex Alimentarius. strategies, Permaculture. Farming methods. Organic foods increase soil health and nutrient density to preserve the planet and human life.

Lesson Twelve – Healing Diets in Practice
Prepare for practice: location, structure, goals, case history form, client waver, instructions and more.

Healing Diets Online Course Topics

Healing Diets
Online Course Topics

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