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Herbal Medicine

"Herbal Medicine helped me to find the root of my health problems, 
learn positive healing habits, and gain the ability to heal from within."

–Carla Calderon Orocu, Costa Rica

Receive the same course materials, books and DVD's as Certificate and Diploma students for study, reference, inspiration and personal evolution with this affordable un-mentored option that offers potential for lifestyle and lifework fulfillment and advances in self-healing.

Independent Study materials are not accredited and do not result in any professional qualification or count toward future qualifications. 

1. Herbal Medicine Online Course: 12 Lessons and 660 Pages.
2. PDF Ebooks: Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy, Dance With Cancer, Flower Child, Creative Menopause, Old Man and His Soul, Iridology – A Complete Guide 1986

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Lesson One
Herbal Medicine world multi-cultural history and philosophy. Cultures display integrated philosophy, lifestyle and nutrition habits, weather, seasons that influence medicine systems.

Lesson Two
Herbal chemistry of habitat, climate, seasons, sacred geometry, biology, cultivation, harvesting, and storing for medicinal quality and integrity. 

Lesson Three
Nutritional herbal holistic research and organization of minerals, vitamins, elements, and hormones for culinary and medicine use in practice and teaching.

Lesson Four
Organize individual herbs in workable and references systems to begin to create the foundation systems for an herbal dispensary in your home and potential clinic.

Lesson Five
Herbal formula preparation, creation, balancing, adjusting, organization studies – all you need to know and more to order or wildcraft organic herbal plant materials and store and prepare with ethical, sustainable and responsible professional care.

Lesson Six
Materia Medica I: Over 100 herbs, each with over 30 information categories. 

Lesson Seven
Material Medica II: Over 100 herbs, each with over 30 information categories.

Lesson Eight
Integrate herbal nourishment to various models of body system organization expands respectful appreciation and increases knowledge, understanding and wisdom application.

Lesson Nine
Botanical identification, connection, signatures, and sacred geometry gestures. 

Lesson Ten
Herbal Pharmacy I: Create systems, forms, marketing. Prepare for a practice. Enjoy creative opportunities to create a name, a logo and a vision statement as you envision how you will create, produce, practice, form a company, establish a market booth, or a product line. 

Lesson Eleven
Herbal Pharmacy I:. Create organization, location, office. Prepare for a practice with deeper level organization material for accounting, ordering, marketing, website, promotion, media.

Lesson Twelve
Psychological exploration of emotional, social, cultural, elemental, mental and spiritual influences that create imbalances in daily human life in the body. 

Herbal Medicine Course Topics

Herbal Medicine
Course Topics

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