Herbal Medicine

herbal-medicine-pharmacy-heidiHerbal Medicine training involves experiences in many dimensions of the herbal world: from treatments, to creating salves, tinctures and hydrosols and other products, to the history of Herbal Medicine, to plant identification, to wildcrafting and harvesting herbs, to running an herbal business, and most important to connection and communion with the plant world.

School of Natural Medicine approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Master Herbalist training includes 3 levels of classes, along with Healing Diets, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Iridology,Naturopathy & Clicical Training, as well as participation in the Self Healing Module. For details Contact Us by email or phone the school mornings after you have browsed the website and blog to familiarize yourself with our unique quality school and the wonderful students we attract for evolutionary education based on self-healing embodiment of the teachings. Students share their experience in our recent August Herbal Medicine Immersion. Classes this autumn & Herbal Medicine Immersions in spring and summer of 2015.

herbal-medicine-pharmacy“I am amazed to learn the spectrum of uses for hydrosols, how subtly potent, effective and safe they are. There is no level of danger to a delicate spray on your skin or in water – and a little goes a long way. Favorite experiences were picking fresh mullein to make a tincture, and the group process to come up with our very own salve ingredients and learned how to efficiently make a salve toward a definite purpose.” Lindsay Peters

“Tincture and salve making day was a blast as Heidi made the process simple and do-able!! I had an awesome time harvesting herbs in Heidi’s garden! I loved working as a team with my classmates to decide on certain herbs for our ‘pain salvation’ salve.” Brian Sholette

“Learning the business of setting up an herbal pharmacy was incredibly interesting and informative. Heidi’s practical approach made it easier to relate and understand what gives a excellent foundation to build from.” Lisa Manser

herbal-medicine-poultice“Heidi is grounding and true in the way she teaches and shares her stories. She makes running a business seem less intimidating. I see myself owning one, one day, thanks to her!” Miranda Palmer

herbal-medicine-lobelia-footbath“I enjoyed learning the proper manner of applying the Castor Oil Pack, and had a lot of fun soaking my feet in the Lobelia herb foot bath, as the effect was strong, calming and healing. The Ginger Poultices on the kidneys felt sweetly divine in fragrance and yet packed a punch in heat – so interesting to feel a process through the skin with the Ginger poultice. Such a fun atmosphere with the group!” Necia Betts

“I was excited and focused to learn how poultices, abdominal packs and poultices are applied and the depth of time needed for each one. I loved the hands-on time making a footbath, and experiencing the effects. I immediately purchased a pound of Lobelia and shared it with everyone in my family and watched as they too slowly slipped into its calming embrace.” Lindsay Peters

herbal-medicine-communion-necia“My eyes have opened to a new vision. I see the world around me from a new perspective. For the rest of my life I want to connect on this deeper level with all that is around me and share my experience with everyone in my life.” Karla Lakey, Golden

“I am so glad for this school. It is a blessing in my life. I love it and I love being in contact with the plants and the flowers. It is an honor for this opportunity! I love this school. It has changed my way of thinking and I will always be grateful for this wonderful time in this learning period of my life. Thank you for this school.” Leyla Lacayo, Utah

“I learned so much about how to honor the healing attributes of plants that in turn this enabled me to honor myself, and be a blessing to people and help them heal.” Lisa Manser

“The Herbal Medicine Immersion continues to bring out the healer in me. I love it so much. It has given me the true drive I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to go deeper into herbal healing.” Miranda Palmer

herbal-medicine-pharmacy“I enjoyed Herbal Medicine, the layout of the class, and Heidi’s information. I learned from her, my self and my fellow classmates. It is an honor being here. I feel blessed . I feel happy.” Necia Betts

“Each day I am more aware, present and excited to continue on this magical journey of the herbal world.” Lindsay Peters

“I enjoyed the Herbal Medicine class, so interesting and well taught, because I found out a lot about myself. I learned that my body is going through more emotional struggles than physical. It makes me excited to become a healer. I felt comfortable in this class and confident about what I learned and what I can do with it.” Molly Childers.