1. Advanced Clinical Training Skills Online, in person or on retreat.
2. Personally mentored with Farida Sharan online and in-person.
3. Evolved consultation and conversational skills sessions.
4. Case Studies evaluation, support and discussion.
5. Inner Ecology Self Healing 1 + 2 Living Example 1st & 2nd 3 Month Program.
6. Integrated Immersion selection online, in a small group or on retreat.
7. Reflexology Level I & II Diploma Course


Naturopathy Graduates advance professional skills with a focus on clinical training case studies expertise with review and progression in all connected subjects. Attendance at an Integrated Immersion and progress through the Reflexology Diploma Course advance the professional student to prime care level as educator, practitioner, mentor and living example guide.

Professional academic and clinical training studies are embodied in a second Inner Ecology Self Healing experience to evolve the teachings to wisdom understanding as an honored living example who live and thrive with a personal Longevity Lifestyle of health, wellness and self-healing capability. Become Independently Healthy.

Diploma Course

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Lesson One – Water
Research water information and systems, begin a journey, Hado water, fasting, reflexology.

Lesson Two – Fasting
Research juicing and equipments, wheatgrass, green foods, water or ice fast, blended green drinks, juices.

Lesson Three – Cleansing Diets I
Experience a purifying diet and liver and gall bladder cleanse. Research food types. Digestive anatomy.

Lesson Four – Cleansing Diets II
Report on the pancreas and sugar connection. Research chemistry of digestion.

Lesson Five – Transition Diets
Mealtime realities, oil extraction methods, saturated and unsaturated fats, omegas, fatty acid. Meals.

Lesson Six – Building Diets I 
Relationship of 5 elements to your life experience. Element creative projects. Ayurveda dosas. Meals.

Lesson Seven – Building Diets II 
Photosynthesis. Living foods diet. Raw foods. Life force. Fermentation, probiotic rejuvelac, sprouts, seed cheeses, sauerkraut. Diet change emotions. Phytonutrients in the Rainbow Diet.

Lesson Eight – Building Diets III 
Create case history consultation guide. Diet differences and diets for different ages and illnesses. Raw food benefits. Dehydrating foods and dehydrators. Recipes.

Lesson Nine – Superfoods & Food for Beauty
Minerals chart. Vitamins, chart. Anti vitamin and anti nutrients. MSM. Nutritional food content.

Lesson Ten – Food for Beauty & the Vegan Diets
Tissue salts. Diet choices, meat, vegetarian, vegan, Read China Study for dietary causes of disease.

Lesson Eleven – Food and Politics
Explore the realities and effects of GMO. Codex Alimentarius. strategies, Permaculture. Farming methods. Organic foods increase soil health and nutrient density to preserve the planet and human life.

Lesson Twelve – Healing Diets in Practice
Prepare for practice: location, structure, goals, case history form, client waver, instructions and more.

Healing Diets Online Course Topics

Healing Diets
Online Course Topics

With Experiential, Research Oriented Creative Assignments

Lesson One
Herbal Medicine world multi-cultural history and philosophy. Cultures display integrated philosophy, lifestyle and nutrition habits, weather, seasons that influence medicine systems.

Lesson Two
Herbal chemistry of habitat, climate, seasons, sacred geometry, biology, cultivation, harvesting, and storing for medicinal quality and integrity. 

Lesson Three
Nutritional herbal holistic research and organization of minerals, vitamins, elements, and hormones for culinary and medicine use in practice and teaching.

Lesson Four
Organize individual herbs in workable and references systems to begin to create the foundation systems for an herbal dispensary in your home and potential clinic.

Lesson Five
Herbal formula preparation, creation, balancing, adjusting, organization studies – all you need to know and more to order or wildcraft organic herbal plant materials and store and prepare with ethical, sustainable and responsible professional care.

Lesson Six
Materia Medica I: Over 100 herbs, each with over 30 information categories. 

Lesson Seven
Material Medica II: Over 100 herbs, each with over 30 information categories.

Lesson Eight
Integrate herbal nourishment to various models of body system organization expands respectful appreciation and increases knowledge, understanding and wisdom application.

Lesson Nine
Botanical identification, connection, signatures, and sacred geometry gestures. 

Lesson Ten
Herbal Pharmacy I: Create systems, forms, marketing. Prepare for a practice. Enjoy creative opportunities to create a name, a logo and a vision statement as you envision how you will create, produce, practice, form a company, establish a market booth, or a product line. 

Lesson Eleven
Herbal Pharmacy I:. Create organization, location, office. Prepare for a practice with deeper level organization material for accounting, ordering, marketing, website, promotion, media.

Lesson Twelve
Psychological exploration of emotional, social, cultural, elemental, mental and spiritual influences that create imbalances in daily human life in the body. 

Herbal Medicine Online Course Topics

Herbal Medicine
Online Course Topics

With Experiential, Research Oriented Creative Assignments

Lesson One
How does the iris print control panel of the brain and body serve as a symbolic language of the inner ecology and integrate with natural medicine philosophical laws of natural medicine, life experience, beliefs and natural medicine?

Lesson Two
Enjoy an introduction to Iridology vocabulary, viewing and photography equipment, forms, identification of photo label systems, how to draw the iris, analysis skills, communication expertise, charts, maps, and case sheet creation

Lesson Three
Iris Texture, Density, Constitutions, Structure. Charts. Iris Colorings. A visual display with explanations of different systems of iris textures, German and Faridian Constitutional Types, iris colors, pigment changes, introductions to honored iridologists, main markings, and the sclera that surrounds the iris.

Lesson Four
Photos and drawing focuses on iris shapes, relationships, fibers, and patterns. Visual display of its signs, markings, shapes, colors, fibers, rings, iris sign relationships, differentiations of the autonomic nerve wreath that surrounds the digestive area, iris areas, left and right iris variations, and more.

Lesson Five
Physical and emotional elimination influences on life, symptoms, and aging through bowels, liver, kidney, lymph, lungs and skin essential to healing are displayed in the iris during toxic, active and normal function levels.

Lesson Six
Nervous System in the body, changes during the variations of life experience reactivity and response, displayed in irises and suggested natural treatments.

Lesson Seven
Digestive System in the body, changes during the variations of life experience reactivity and response, displayed in irises and suggested natural treatments.

Lesson Eight
Circulatory/Lymphatic systems in the body, changes during the variations of life experience reactivity and response, displayed in irises and natural treatments.

Lesson Nine
Endocrine/Reproductive systems in the body, changes during the variations of life experience reactivity and response, displayed in irises and natural treatments.

Lesson Ten
Respiratory/Urinary systems in the body, changes during the variations of life experience reactivity and response, displayed in irises and natural treatments.

Lesson Eleven
Skeletal/Muscular systems in the body, changes during the variations of life experience reactivity and response, displayed in irises and natural treatments.

Lesson Twelve
Iridology integrated psychology from iridology pioneers in relationship to the body systems, emotions and Faridian constitutions for professional practice.

Lesson Thirteen
Rayid Model energetic corrections to iris patterns, shapes and textures.

Lesson Fourteen 
Bach Flower Remedies transform iris constitution emotional challenges.

Iridology Online Course Topics

Online Course Topics

With Experiential, Research Oriented Creative Assignments

Lesson One - Philosophy of Naturopathy
Explore the principles of Naturopathy to create a foundation of understanding of concepts, beliefs and laws in resonance with universal laws of life and science that includes the energetic dimensions of life, nature, and the human experience.

Lesson Two - Acute Disease
Receive an understanding of the cause of acute conditions, the immune system and explore treatment approaches that work with the body elimination or suppress the condition. First response and first aid with natural approaches to nutrients, elimination and self -are.

Lesson 3 - Chronic Disease 
Long term conditions require adjustments of living habits, inherent constitutional weakness, and cause and effect patterns of physical, emotional, social, cultural, elemental, mental and spiritual levels of personal life history experience.

Lesson 4 - Earth Element
Identify earth element illness and explore the earth element cause, earth element cure and the corresponding emotions of the roots of fear that cause the relationship to the earth element to go out of balance.

Lesson Five - Water Element
The water element of curiosity, desire, sexuality and family responds well to water treatments of bathing, steams, fomentations, poultices, hydration, and the effects of hot springs, the ocean, waterfalls and lakes have on healing processes. Purification elimination via blood, lymph, kidneys and perspiration are essential to the healing process.

Lesson Six - Fire Element
Digestion, the fire element body system, is an essential healing focus for culinary, herbal and dietary nutritional adjustments during supportive lifestyle healing. Sun, heat, and the relationship to seasons, weather and temperature are all recovered during a return to balance.

Lesson Seven - Air Element
Our relationship with breath and quality of air in relationship to the lungs, respiratory system and body tensions is explored with consideration of resonance with plant life, heating systems, and natural and unnatural relationships with inhalation and exhalation of life energy.

Lesson Eight - Ether Element
The throat chakra, the home of the ether element of giving and receiving the quality of sound from self and the sounds of the world around us. This resonates with our ability to discriminate what is right and true to make the choices that guide our destiny with integrity.

Lesson Nine - Heredity, Reproduction, Regeneration
Sexuality and birthing, nurturing, relationships and family offer the potential to evolve future generations with preparation for conception and natural healthy lifestyles.

Lesson Ten - Life Habits & Personal Hygiene
Explore all aspects of personal, family and cultural life habits on their influence on health, energy and acute and chronic disease as well as the aging process that leads to the choices that create wellness, health, transformation and the ultimate realization of life purpose.

Lesson Eleven - Purification, Regeneration & Transformation
Integrated synthesis to outline the potential of the continuum of evolution

Lesson Twelve - Naturopathy Clinics, Healing Centers, Sanitariums
An opportunity to visit and explore, research and gain information of value to better understand the various approaches to healing institutions, their costs and results.

Naturopathy Online Course Topics

Online Course Topics

With Experiential, Research Oriented Creative Assignments

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