“I enrolled in Reflexology to find myself and discovered my life purpose. Feeling, touching and receiving sensations with  slowing motions allowed me to listen to messages that gifted calmness and stillness communion in my spirit that I had been longing to receive." 
– Rachel Silva, Phillipines

ENROLL Level 1

Experience guided educational online sessions and personal Integrated Immersion training to achieve self healing skills and learn therapeutic anointing energetic touch skills that influence all body work and touch in all realms of life.

In the early 1970’s in California, Farida used Self-Reflexology over two years during the successful natural Self Healing of breast cancer. She applied regular daily self touch to dissolve a painful crystal in the spleen area of her foot that reflected the family hereditary weakness she had inherited from her grandmother and mother who both had suffered from pernicious anemia. 

Read Chronic Case Study Cures on the blog to learn how Reflexology confirms Iridology Analysis and enhances Essential Oils, Therapeutic Anointing, Vagus Spine Balancing, Ear Auricular Meridian Therapy, and Foot Bathing to achieve self healing and self care life skills for personal and professional lifestyle enlightenment.

Individual Online Sessions + Giving & Receiving Sessions

Body of Wisdom – Therapeutic Anointing – Holy Feet – Spirit of Love 

Experience Therapeutic Anointing 'oils of joy and gladness' with Farida Sharan.

 1. View each of 5 Reflexology DVD's prior to 5 in-person online sessions. 
 2. Guidance for Self Reflexology and Client Sessions Set Up. 
 3. Guided personal Self Reflexology 5 Sessions in synch with DVD learning.
 4. Reflexology Powerpoint View Session of Reflexology. history and evolution. 
 5. Experiential Skype visual training of 20 touches by sensing, and feeling touch on your own feet while receiving personal instruction from Farida Sharan. 
 6. Handout study materials include integrated charts and instructions. 
 7. Young Living Essential Oils training to use during sessions. Single Oils. Blends. Safety. Application. 
 8. Touch training included cranial, meridians, chakras, zones, subtle energy patterns, chakras and more. 
 9. List of music to enhance sessions. 
10. Recommended books list. 
11. Flower Essence blend creation 
12. Evolve physical, emotional, social, cultural, mental and spiritual realities with profound touch skills. 


Level 1

Reflexology & Touch Skills

integrated Diploma Courses 

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