Option One: 
Individuals, couples, family groups, and professional students prepare for their personally managed Self-Healing program with initial consultation discovery conversations, iris analysis, herbal formula, tea, flower essence program creation, and healing diets recommendations with Farida Sharan ND.

Option One Offers:
1. Consultation, discovery, mentoring with Farida Sharan ND.
2. Iris Analysis Education.
3. Healing Nutrition individual guidance and education.
4. Herbal Nutrient formula, tea and flower remedy recommendations.
5. E-Books: Herbs of Grace & Dance With Cancer.

Option One fulfils the requirement for the Self Healing Module for School of Natural Medicine students. 

Option Two:
The Self Healing Lightness of Being Self-Healing program with Farida Sharan ND integrates healing diets, herbal medicine, essential oils, flower essences, therapeutic bodywork and home and self treatments. It expands upon option one with additional guided consultation and educational sessions and includes three months of herbal formula. Students experience their personally curated 3 month program at optimum levels. 

Full enrolment or independent study of the Healing Diets online course is highly recommended to increase professional expertise during the self-healing experience. Embodiment of the teachings inspires confidence for authentic professional practice and a wisdom wellness lifestyle.

Option Two Offers:
1. Consultation, discovery, mentoring and educational sessions. 
2. Iris analysis educational session.
3. Healing Nutrition individual guidance.
4. 3 month herbal nutrient formula, teas and Flower Essences.
5. Follow up mentoring sessions as required. Email Q & A.
6. E-Books: Herbs of Grace & Dance With Cancer.
7. Essential Oils use in self-bodywork and home treatments.
8. International mailing for program supplies is charged depending on location.

Curated Lightness of Being Programs

Personal, Family
& Professional

Option 1+2 Full program: £1100
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Personally Curated
Self Healing Journeys

Personally Curated Self Healing Journeys

Option 1: £550
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