Students of their own life explore, discover and experience a personally curated program that evolves into a wellness lifestyle.

Upgrade practical skills as you gain expertise to enjoy daily habits that rejuvenate nourishment creation and digestion as you learn home self treatment skills. Create a healthy home, body and being with study materials and books to enhance your personal evolution.

Enjoy a lifestyle that supports and enhances your family, friends and work relationships, creates space for what gives you joy as it supports your dreams and goals with a balanced personal lifestyle.

Seekers of health and healing, professionals longing for new skills to support their lifework, retirees, homemakers and youth are invited to experience the creation of a personal wellness lifestyle.

1. Consultation and Discovery Conversational Sessions.
2. Healing Diets Independent Study Course and Ebooks.
3. Iris Analysis Education from iris photos or in-personal session.
4. Advance preparation of self and home for the Self Healing Program.
5. Healing Diets and Self Care & Self Treatment Education
6. Inner Ecology 3 Month Self Healing Program of personal herbal nutrients, teas and flower essences, healing diets, self-care skills, and self healing home treatments supported by educational mentoring guidance. 


Mentored Session Support Inner Ecology

Self Healing Longevity
Lifestyle Program

Personally Curated
Self Healing Journeys

Personally Curated Self Healing Journeys

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