Students of their own life explore, discover and experience a personally curated program that evolves into a wellness lifestyle.

Upgrade practical skills as you gain expertise to enjoy daily habits that rejuvenate nourishment creation and digestion as you learn home self treatment skills. Create a healthy home, body and being with study materials and books to enhance your personal evolution.

Enjoy a lifestyle that supports and enhances your family, friends and work relationships, creates space for what gives you joy as it supports your dreams and goals with a balanced personal lifestyle.

Seekers of health and healing, professionals longing for new skills to support their lifework, retirees, homemakers and youth are invited to experience the creation of a personal wellness lifestyle.

1. Consultation and Discovery Conversational Sessions.
2. Healing Diets Independent Study Course and Ebooks.
3. Iris Analysis Education from iris photos or in-personal session.
4. Advance preparation of self and home for the Self Healing Program.
5. Healing Diets and Self Care & Self Treatment Education
6. Inner Ecology 3 Month Self Healing Program of personal herbal nutrients, teas and flower essences, healing diets, self-care skills, and self healing home treatments supported by educational mentoring guidance. 


Mentored Session Support Inner Ecology

Self Healing Longevity
Lifestyle Program

Payment in Full: £1400
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Personally Curated
Self Healing Journeys

Personally Curated Self Healing Journeys

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